Jan 2nd 008

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I was very happy with this finish

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Hey Douglas, I carved and weigted it with lead and epoxy puddy and then foiled and painted it. The carving is based off another lure I have.. Its the same pattern I used on my foiled jerkbaits posted on here

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nice bait bruce,to get them to suspend take a floating bait with no lead in it and wrap thin lead wire around the hooks till it sits with the back just below the surface without sinking or rising very very slowlythen unwrap the wire and weigh it on a scale(you can buy one at hfright for 10 bucks)

melt the lead and pour into a belly weigh mold drill holes to slip weights into and epoxy over them the bait should then suspend when you crank it down or rise so slow that twitching the rod will keep it in place and you also know how much it should take on the next one becouse you weighed the lead on this one

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