7 Inch G Shad

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Thanks to Father Christmas sending me an Airbrush and drill stand, I have been able to finally create my first hard bodied swimbait. This is a 3 sectioned 7 Inch Gizzard Shad Photo over foil epoxy finish, carved from PVC baseboard, all componentry is stainless steel. It swims well and is a slow sink with 1 1/4oz of ballast in the belly of the first and second setions. The top and tail fins are made from Lexan. The photo over foil job is from a gizzard shad photo I found on the internet, the finish is ok, it is certainly not commercial quality, which does not matter as these baits are for my own use anyway.

This first one was more about me working out all the processes invloved so I can now create enough to last me the season. I will create a fast sink plus a number of lipped surface baits for night fishing along with some Alewife and a Blueback. I Can't help also thinking about some Mullet and Pogy baits for fishing in Florida too :-)

Having worked through this, I now understand why a good swimbait costs what it does, there is a lot of time and effort involved in getting things just right.

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Well since its your first one I wont try to buy it as I know there is a sentimental cost involved. That is awesome and if your buddies see it you will be making several. Very impressed. It looks real. Ive never seen a real fish with a perfect paintjob either. God gives em little differences too!

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