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Two more of this experimental bunch of lures , ........a brown trout pattern and a perch pattern . The perch pattern has been painted on a light grey modelmaking enamel base with pastel chalks , ......TU member "littleriver" had introduced this method to me and I'm surely gonna have some more go's on it , once I could obtain a proper fixative spray from an artist's supply shop to bond the chalks prior to topcoating , .......used a rattlecan with acrylic clear for this little perch , but I'm not too satisfied with the results , it blew off too much of the chalk's pigments , as it seems .

Thanks again for pointing out , Vic , ........greetz , Dieter

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They all look great!! Your pastel "the forgotten medium" lure definitely has Dieter style to it. Thank you for taking time to video as well. I think you need a deeper tub to see the true action of these babies. Really like the shape of the top bait here. Hope you do not mind, I will be making a few of these. Vic

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Thanks a lot , Vic , ......tomorrow I'd probably have a chance obtaining that chalk fixative ,.... wish me luck to find it in that shop I have in mind !

...yeah , and it's true , for some types of lures the tub really is too small , LOL !

Certainly I don't mind anybody to make his own versions of my lures , .....I'm a strictly hobbyist , no commercial background , LOL !

That lure is also just turned on a lathe , one only has to leave the head portion thick like on all of the other "WeightShifter" baits , .....second step would be to cut the lip slot and utilize that one as a level reference to taper the narrow the sides of the head on furnish the curved downward nose portion , .........first sanding them down angular on a belt sander or sanding disc and after rounding off with a Dremel sanding drum and finally by hand-sanding , .......might need a belly weight for more stable running , as I've mentioned in the video .

Cheers , Dieter

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Thanks , Dan , ......gotta wait until May 1st now to cast them to find out about casting performance , as we have local predators closing time until that day . Cheers , Dieter

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