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small wake bait and fish carving for sign

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top bait tenn. shad color wake bait chartruse and purple

lower bait/carving for a sign for selling some baits

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carved them both out of poplar it carves great i posted a cane i carved out of it too in here

trying to show some of the different ways to paint a bait in the sign bait

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Yes sir I remember the cane, a true work of art (in more ways than one) for a good cause. You really want to blow some peoples minds? Take a sign like that and increment it out laterally into about 8 sections and vertically in half or thirds so you have 16 or 24 sects, then paint each a different fish pattern blending them to look like something out of a lab but natural. Yup, I can hear Ben right now " That Brads been around too much paint fumes again!" But you would get a lot of neck breakers with it!

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