First Handcarve

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No power tools at all!!! Basswood carved with a pocketknife. I sanded it by hand and even put the screw eye holes in with a drill bit held in a pin collet. This is my first carving. Not bad for a city slicker ha?

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Not bad, I'd say pretty good. After using the drill press, I now prefer drilling my holes in the manner you describe. More control. Look forward to seeing what follows.


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Thats awesome.. I use alot of big tools but I also still like to carve small details like lines in a fin or something with a carving knife. But that is amazing that you did all of that with a pocket knife

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No bill is weighted to float with the head under.

Diemai I wanted the eye to curve with the body so I carved it. If you look close it is a little jagged and not deep at all. The eyes I use are made of cardboard and not very thick.

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