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If a meth monkey sees this they will try to melt it for scrap.

    A little patina would add a nice touch. :)
    Um what is patina.
    google. :)
    so basically you dont know either. Way to use a big word and not know what it means. Patina. I think I dated a girl in highschool named patina.
    Patina is a term for a tarnished or oxidized layer on metals , in particular brass or the verdigris on copper .

    Also used for any old and worthy stuff , ......probably a kind of "dust of the ages" , .........basically a kinda layer of maturity and /or decence , in a purely positive meaning .

    Some gourmets also use it for the dried layers or even mold on mature cheese loafs .

    Did not google it , .....just trying to explain with my average knowledge of the English language , .........but , heck , ......never heard it as a girl's forename , LOL !

    Cheers , diemai