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4" resin shad mini glider. Hand painted glass eyes

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Tigger I knew these were your lures as soon as I saw that top coat that looked like it was a 1/4" deep. Great looking baits and one helluva job on the eyes. Those are awesome.

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To bad the pic isn`t centered. The whole profile would have been a much better,

From what I can see,

You did a whale of a job

on the color scheme/paint job.

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Thanks guys, I like doing the eyes and heads on the baits.

Rayburn I hope all is well with you. Happy New Year!

Bruce.... I have been watching you. You are really doing some neat stuff. Keep up the great work!

Braided Line.... I do have a picture of the whole body of this lure. I have it in my photo album on face book. I am new to the face book thing but it you do a search for John Snow and go to photo's. Not sure if this link will work or not. It my personal photo album.


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