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2012 01 11 09.17.30

2012 01 11 09.17.30

These are the first two crankbaits that I have made, that I felt comfortable showing on TU. I have made about 100 but they haven't come out so well.........I ain't no rtist for sure. They are 2" long, and made from balsa! Thanks Rob

    Jan 11 2012 12:05 PM
    Great Work........ Rob

    Mike P.
    those look great im sure the other bait you made look good too,remember we all had a few we did'nt like at first so show some of them too it might help you out in the long run by the tips you get from what other people say about your baits,don't ever take a comment bad about your baits,just use it to build a better bait and have fun thats what its all about!!!!!
    man them are great looking baits keep up the good work!

    Nicccccccccccccceeeeeeeeeeee! baits