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Finnish lips

Finnish lips

These two minnow baits have lips , that I've got from a Finnish friend , ......very common for lures from over there northern Europe .

The silver one swims a bit too lively , almost overturns , ...but as it seems , it might make up for an attractive twitchbait .

I'm sure to be able to improve the actions of some of my latest lures once I have a chance to tune them in the outdoors .

greetz , diemai

    Jan 13 2012 08:26 PM
    Dieter, really like the action on the finnish silver one. You have a little Tn shad pattern going on there as well. Only thing missing is the red gill plate and a kill spot. Hope they serve you well.
    Guess , that I could still get them to perform better after tow eye tuning , but I like this possible jerking action of that bait .

    Greetz , Dieter