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Striped Aussies

Striped Aussies

I like these Australian style deep divers pretty much , .........they really generate a throb in the rod tip , also hardly snag up due to their big lips , ..........presently working on some alikes , but equipped with lexan lips , ......I'm almost sure , that these might even perform better , as I could balance them to float up at about level , impossible with these heavier aluminium lips .

greetz , diemai

    oh man i really should make a " i found nemo" color too... mmm i have few planks lying around maybe i will be doing that next time i paint something, cool looking divers dieter.
    Thanks , Mikko , .....actually I had seen this color on a lure on YouTube or somewhere , but my wife also has a plush toy fish like that ,....... always wanted to paint a lure like this , .......now awaiting response of local pike , perch and zander , LOL !