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Little video of a few baits I learned to make this past year right here on TU.
Thank you all for your hejp.

    Just watched your video in terms of my YouTube subscribtion of your channel .

    I'm pretty much amazed how all of your lures perform so well without any ballast added , .....I could hardly go without !

    Great work , Vic , .......cheers , Dieter
    Big Bass Man
    Jan 15 2012 11:05 AM
    Nice work Vic, Thanks for sharing your video!!
    Like Dieter I'm amazed at your baits without ballast. Something I never even considered. Will definitely have to keep that in mind for future reference. Nice job Vic.
    Hey Vic, just signed on to see what I have missed and watched your video. That was pretty neat. I too am amazed at how well they do without ballasting. I really liked the action of bait #2 and the one you said was the prettiest with the unusual lip. Well done my friend. Now its back to wire bending, I am way behind.
    Jan 16 2012 12:31 AM
    Thank you fellow carvers. All but the first bait are ballast free. It has enough lead to make up for the rest. Really glad you enjoyed them.