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The "AXE"

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jon boatin, thank you. It has not seen deep water yet. Only pond tested in about 5 ft of water. It found bottom really quick. Plan on using this fishing season. Hope to have some thing to share this year.

Brad, the bill is 4 inches long. Close to three and half inches is catching water. I am hoping for 20 plus but really have no idea. The depth will depend on which line tie is used. The action was light with first bill I tried so I came up with this bill from hell. Still the action is light but a more lively than first. The pivot is at the tie i suppose. A little hard to tell with this one. The best way to describe the action is that of berkley hollow belly swimbait. It rolls or rocks from side to side.

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Man, that bill is neat, and your wire bending skills are mad!

Am I seeing each side of the line tie loops has it's own small hole, or is it just my old eyes?

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Thanks Mark. Those old eyes are true. I wouldn't trade them in just yet. I do all mine this way. I believe it helps keep the line tie from moving once it is adjusted. This was my first bill with multiple line ties for varying depths. Took a bit of doing but now have a method that works for doing this cleanly. First couple attempts were pretty sad. Thanks again.


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