Two more Tn. Rig Pics

I know this subject has been worn out and this is the last one I will post. This was made using Alumilite and the Ultra Minnow Jig mold. It was a real PIA to get it to release from the mold if it cured beyond a certain point. I added an aluminum rivet on the inside of the bait to keep from busting out the sides when bending the wires. I used .035 stainless wire and and an aluminum ferrule to hook the tow eye and the wires together.

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Thanks bassnbrad.

When I make anything, I try to do the best job that I can. Some times, all it takes is using the old brain for what it was meant to do. Mine ain't what it used to be but it still works occasionally.

The alumilite is pretty tough stuff but I was a little worried that on the small end of the bait that it could bust out the sides if someone was not careful with it. The three .035 wires fit inside the rivet perfectly four wires will not go through it.

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so you poured the alumilite right into the do it mold like it was lead? or did you cast a mold out of lead first using the do it mold and then make a mold with alumilite and then use alumilite? if that isn't confusing ha

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