some big girls!

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made a couple of big baits ( haven't done any this big for a while). top one is a surface swimmer, 9", 5.8 oz., bottom is a sinker, 9", 6.4 oz.

did a textured scale pattern on the top one to see how it looked. turned out pretty good but time consuming and i don't know if it adds anything to the bait.

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They both look good to me. The textured lure definitely has a different look to it. Softer (less shiny) but brighter at the same time. Amazing how you carved all those lines! I can only image how long it took . Really nice!!

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Just a few days ago I've considered about such a scale texture on a small PVC crankbait as well , .......I've dropped the idea so far , ........I really admire your work and passion , John !

Greetz , Dieter

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very detailed and nice paint job, from looking at your gallery, you really have this down to a science. Is it okay to ask how you make the hinges for the different parts?



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