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This one is shaped more like a perch........

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The bait has that special something Gunnie that makes one want to take a closer look. Sure to have the same effect on the fish. That bait does not have topcoat on it yet either. Still pops. Amazing! I have to tell you I appreciate the look at your bench as well. One look and I have more tips than two months of forum reading.


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gunnie, amazing as usual. I really like that pattern you apply to your baits, like littleriver said, makes you want to look closer.


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I know I have posted this color before, but this one turned out so nice I had to show it off. It was actually sent to Florida of all places. I'm not sure what the owner is going to use it for. Thanks for the kudos...

Littleriver; if you can tell that much by my work bench perhaps ya could tell me where in the h*ll I put my exacto knife. That thing must have legs!!

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