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Pastel chalk painted perch and grub

Pastel chalk painted perch and grub

Both of these lures were painted with pastel chalks(thanks a lot , Vic) , ...only the black dots on the sides of the grub were stamped on with a toothpick .

Very nice swimming action on both lures :

greetz , diemai

    Jan 29 2012 06:25 PM
    Dieter, the lures look great! The pastels are really bright and the grub is fantastic. They should get some attention. The range of your work is incredible!

    Namaste my friend,

    Thanks a lot , Vic , ........credit is to you , my friend .

    The special fixative really works a bunch better than ordinary acrylic clear spray , ...if I may estimate , only 5% to max. 10% of the applied chalks vanish or fade when sprayed over with that stuff , ....was costly enough , anyway , LOL !

    Thanks again , Vic , .........greetz , Dieter