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baby bass nail polish

baby bass nail polish

Some Predator Bass and Bustin Bass knockoffs painted with nail polish.
Silver shad, baby bass, and one picture to try and show that they are translucent.

    Feb 03 2012 03:18 PM
    For down and dirty Mark they look really good! Like the tail feather on these lures as well. Do you make?

    those look good, you don't need an airbrush
    So are these just coated with nail polish as a final finish, in place of epoxy? They look very good!
    looks good, I like!
    Big Bass Man
    Feb 04 2012 10:51 AM
    Very nice work Mark!! Those look way better than my nail polish days, of painting lures!!

    Very nice work Mark!! Those look way better than my nail polish days, of painting lures!!

    mark poulson
    Feb 04 2012 09:06 PM
    Thanks guys.

    I tie the feathers myself. A member of my Bass Club used to tie his own feathers for the salt, but quit, and gave me all his old feathers. The dark green ones are amazing when I'm making bass colored feathers.

    I don't need epoxy, because the baits themselves, either the plastic knockoffs or the PVC baits I make, are hard already, and totally waterproof.
    So the nail polish is plenty for protection from both teeth and rocks.

    Nail polish has it's place for me, but will never replace my air brush.
    And make no mistake, I'm a ham fisted painter. We have another Club member who went to art school where he learned to air brush with lacquers. His baits make me want to burn mine! His stuff looks professional, like what a lot of you guys post here.
    In my next life I'm going to learn how to paint!
    That's a big reason why I posted these, because I'm pretty sure there are folks out there who may either be intimidated by how well some of you paint, or who may not be able to afford an air brush setup, and I wanted to show them an alternative that works, and is even easier to use that rattle cans.
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