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    I like the design. A question if I may, Have you ever tried using something like Sambo swivels attached to your through-wire, thus allowing your hooks to swivel? Never seen it done, but it seems to make sense.
    x2and along with brad i know you stated in another post that you had prob. with the action of your bait? that it did'nt have the action you wanted looking at the bait you might have too much weight? where we were thinking you might not have enough?? also you might try switching the weights around with the heaver weight in the back to get a better walk the dog type action if your not putting a lip in it to make it swim hope this helps you out in your bait making
    Hi friends,

    Suggest me to have weight before and after belly hook for deep swim stick bait.

    or to have weight below belly hook.
    ok so it a sinking/supend type stick bait. It looks like it will work then just the way you have it nice build