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12" pike swimbait

12" pike swimbait

new big softbait

    Very nice!
    That is awesome. Is it made of Plastisol?
    yes out of LC medium
    Feb 09 2012 09:43 PM
    great work that thing looks alive!=0
    Top shelf work there MB, looks great.

    thanks ! cant wait for openwater this bait feels like a big pike bait, douglas you are one of my favorite lurebuilders keep up the good work, do you have a homepage??
    Your bait looks awesome brother. What type of paint are you using on these baits. And what are you doing to prep the plastisol to de oil it for the paint to stick. Thanks in advance for any input.

    Big Pancho
    that thing looks really cool, im sure the swedish pikes will hammer that one.
    thanx ! BIG pancho i use LC paint for softplastic and i prep the baits by whiping the baits down with the thinner for the paint ( MEK)

    Thanks Magnus for the information. I have not of yet painted any of my softbaits but will have to give it a go sometime. Your hard baits look insane aswell. Very inspiring work there brother. Thanks for posting and sharing. Means a lot to us rookie baitmakers.