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IMG 0990

IMG 0990

20 cm european pike ; 40 grams

this is the result after the paint ! it is not finished as doesn't have the top coat ;
it's a hand made paint with a brush ! eye is made also with a smaller brush

    very very nice
    Feb 12 2012 03:40 PM
    Looks great Mark!
    yes, it is very nice, what kind of wood did you use?
    Big Bass Man
    Feb 12 2012 08:09 PM
    Great looking Pike!!
    Hi guys, thanks ! the wood I used is pine ; I found a piece of wood in my house and started to carv it :) ; this is the first pike I ever made and I am also surprised of the result !

    I made it for a pike national contest which will be taken into a lake where the big pikes eat their brothers :)) as there is not any fish to eat excempt 2-3 cm baitfish

    I will make other lures of 30 & 35 cm and also I will start to design some jointed ones !

    hope to catch the monster
    Good luck on catching the monster! That paint up is quite remarkable!
    thanks falks, I will come back with other patterns on the same model and different designs! hope the next ones will look better than this one ! keep in touch
    Haha, Very Cool!
    What that means? You do not believe i will do ?