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Littleriver "Cheetah"

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Thank you JBlaze for this frame. Coley, thank you for helping me clean these baits up. Cheetah pattern on balsa painted with acrylics covered with tabletop, lexan bib and stainless hangers.

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Thank you gentlemen for you compliments.

Crankpaint you got it exactly. This is exactly what this bait is about. Taking old school style and mixing with a modern bait build. Fifties flames on new charger with a modern hemi under the hood.

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Thanks Sam . Really glad you liked it. That beauty mark just came to me while painting one. I have to say the moment I put it on; the bait takes on an attitude.

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Thank you Brad, This color pattern was one of Boot Anderson's best. He used it on many of his lures built from the 50's to the 70's. A hot rod color pattern if there ever was one.

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