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6" Triple Trout

    playing with stencils?
    cool looking bait love the ones that are diff. like this one
    Real nice , out-of-the-box idea , ......great job !

    greetz , diemai
    Braided Line
    Feb 15 2012 06:53 AM
    The white under-coat helps sell this one.
    mark poulson
    Feb 16 2012 07:20 PM
    That looks yummy!!!
    It almost looks like a baby seal.
    Don't let PETA see it!
    The thing I first noticed was how clean the bait was. Everything lines up, the hinge holes are the same size and shape, plus the body has a great shape. Very nice build.
    I have yet to throw it.. I tend to throw striper patterns more often.

    RayburnGuy, this is a 22nd Century Triple Trout. I didnt build it, just painted it from a primered state.