Modified sunfish

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This bait is basicly like the Hitch. Same weight and so on. I've found this shape easy to duplicate and is what I've been concentrating as far as a bait that is easy to produce. The only thing to change on this bait is the bill angle to get it to change depth. I'm not great at painting like many on this site but have found that if I can get the essence of the bait pattern, the fish will react to it as prey.

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The paint looks good to me. And nothing easy about reproducing this shape. These rounded shapes are always the hardest to me. Really good job keeping them basically the same. Using a pattern? The toe eye looks high on this one. How does it swim?


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@Vic, the line tie is a bit high on this one. I found by moving the line tie, it changes depth the bait dives. It dives a little shallower than the others. The only pattern I have is a cardboard cut out I made. It has line tie, bill angles, and hook anchors marked on the cutout. I free hand carve everything with a Exacto knife until it comes to finishing, then a dremel sanding drum, then handsand.

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