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Paulownia painted with acrylics covered in tabletop with stainless hangers and lexan bib

    I bet that this one does feature a nice sway of it's butt , ....great design and paintjob , Vic , .......greetz , Dieter
    Feb 19 2012 02:50 PM
    Thank you Dieter.

    But I have to give credit where it is due. This lure was designed nearly 70 years ago by Boot Anderson. He and Jim Lovingood made the first TN Shad baits with this distinctive hump back style and paint pattern. Not sure which of them first carved carved the shape. The model for this bait can be found in my gallery.

    Your assessment of the action is spot on. How you do that I know not.

    Nice, can't wait to se it swim

    Your assessment of the action is spot on. How you do that I know not. Vic

    ................it's just 20 years experience of lurecarving , ....a slender tail would not provide as much resistance in the water , thus most likely swing around more pronounced , at least within the rest of lip and body configuration !

    Thanks a lot for background info , Vic , ...cheers , Dieter
    Feb 20 2012 07:27 AM
    Thanks you Dieter. Now i have an idea what one shape's action.

    Correction on 70 years; actually closer to 50 years ago when this lure design was conceived.

    John Thank you for the compliment. You'll not get to see this one swim. Sorry . it is already in the hands of it's new owner, The person who requested I make it. He actually got two of them . Test swam the second yesterday and delivered the lure. The lure's action is almost identical to vintage Bagley B3 No worries though i am making 8 more now. One has your name on it.