Bug in topcoat

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Ever have this happen? He blends right in.

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Thank you.

Dieter I put a third coat on the little guy just be sure he stays put. I guess he thought those black marks were buddies.

Patrick, Now this bait has a really light little wiggle and a sweet rattle to boot.

John, Thank you for the frame. This bib is perfect for your little bait.

West thank you for the compliment.

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You know, your're welcome. I am glad to see them put to good use. and the Big Bad Bass said, "My what prretty little eyes you have. I think I'll have you for supper".

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Honestly, I wonder how many people would have noticed in that pattern had you not told us. I probably wouldn't have. :) Bait looks great regardless, Vic. Looks like you're havin' fun.

Usually when they fly into my epoxy...it's a horsefly.

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