1st pour swimbait

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A little ugly but my first stab and all in a mold that I made. Really posting to ask a question. Pouring in a 1 piece pop mold. What are some of the keys to getting a really good flat side. Learned the importance of not over filling as you can see. Is there any other ways to cut smoothly or is it just really important to get it right on the pour? Thanks for all the help. Posting from my phone so I hpe this works right.

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for me to get a good flat side i slow down once the cavity is close to being full. i also like to pour plastic until the back is kinda mounded above the cavity that way when it shrinks it shrinks to flat instead of caving in. looking at the top of the head, that from the mold. you could try filling the cavity to just under that part on the mold and as long as you keep the plastic in the cavity you should have to worry about edges they should be perfect.

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