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  • "Slounch Slayer Square" by Taylor Custom Baits
    "Slounch Slayer Square" by Taylor Custom Baits
    Thanks Domonique!
  • Musky Spinner
    Musky Spinner
    That's a great looking spinner bait.
  • Hungry Popper
    Hungry Popper
    The mono works fine, but when tying 2 knots on the same line its next to impossible to get the exact length i want every time... Plus i wouldnt mind something that looks a little neater I was hop...
  • Hungry Popper
    Hungry Popper
    I didn't think I would go with braid.  I like braid for lots of things.  Buzzbaits, buzzfrogs, FLIPPING, Club-os, Floating Frogs, but for a floating bait with trebles I think because brai...
  • Blue Gill Pattern
    Blue Gill Pattern
    Thanks Guys ,  The Red Eyes Do Pop Out , The Way I Took The Pic , The Front Of The Bait Is Showing The Colors Darker , Which Doesn't Show The Red Eyes very Well.  Mike

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