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  • Cedar Crankbaits2
    Cedar Crankbaits2
    I like them all! The middle one is a kind of neon blue gill, tried to paint one the other day.....didn't go too well lol
  • Chocolate Rat
    Chocolate Rat
    Nice one! Where did you get that wake bait blank from?
  • Swimbait, Carp
    Swimbait, Carp
    Rad dude! Keep it up!
  • Blue Gill S Crank
    Blue Gill S Crank
    Dude, thanks very much!! It's winter here in SA now so I can only try him out in a few months. Will let you know how it goes :) 
  • 20160524 002849
    20160524 002849
    I have to say that I am more impressed with the CAD modeling than anything if your wife did that from a photo.  Yeah, I could nit pick a few things, but the overall file is very good.  Ni...

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