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  • 2 Piece Male Bluegill
    2 Piece Male Bluegill
    Amazing work!
  • FB IMG 1424619929381
    FB IMG 1424619929381
    Thank you !!
  • Lipless Crank
    Lipless Crank
    All your posted paint jobs are really different.  You certainly are not a "one trick pony."   That`s a compliment by the way.
  • Hellspawn
    Great color choices.............
  • 7 Inch, 2 oz. Jerk Bait
    7 Inch, 2 oz. Jerk Bait
    Thank you for your suggestions...I actually hesitated posting this one because of the placement of the gills and eyes, I may sand it down and do a re-paint and test my skills with stencils.I do...

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