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  • 10" Deviant Bass glide bait
    10" Deviant Bass glide bait
    Are you using a 3d printer to make the masters. I am just amazed at all the detail work. How are you making your models? I would like to meet you sometime just to say I met a master artist!!Any par...
  • 10" Deviant Bass glide bait
    10" Deviant Bass glide bait
    I don't understand. I am just dumfounded is all I can say. I looked at your album you are the best man!!
  • IMG 20141217 231716
    IMG 20141217 231716
    Thanks Curt, this lure drove me nuts. Every time I painted and clear coated it I would find a blemish. So I have sanded and painted this thing six times, but I am happy with it now. Thanks for the...
  • IMG 20141130 221019 20141217235246648
    IMG 20141130 221019 20141217235246648
    Thanks , Bill. I am always trying to improve and think of new things to try. Thanks again for the complement.
  • 20141019 090128 resized
    20141019 090128 resized
    Love the color and the look. Nice.Thanks.  Ghost patterns, where you can see through the bait, seem to work better for me when the water is clear, like here in SoCal.

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