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  • 2 inch ghost shad
    2 inch ghost shad
    Damn those look great. Do you mind me asking where you got the mold and how you made the colors?
  • The "Dragon-Ski"
    The "Dragon-Ski"
    As long as its moving the front wings never touch the water, i even tried lowering my rod tip, that seems to make the back wings "spray" a little, but stays strait as an arrow as long as i dont sto...
  • The "Dragon-Ski"
    The "Dragon-Ski"
    Nice modifications. I like how you changed to a reversible.Do the wings ever dip and cause it to wander?
    That is great, LOL!
  • The "Dragon-Ski"
    The "Dragon-Ski"
    Thanks man!... Started out as a popper, but i noticed it could be something more.... Ive never seen one before, so maybe the fish havnt either!

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