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  • The "Dragon-Ski"
    The "Dragon-Ski"
    Thanks man!... Started out as a popper, but i noticed it could be something more.... Ive never seen one before, so maybe the fish havnt either!
  • The "Dragon-Ski"
    The "Dragon-Ski"
    That's pretty sweet!
  • My "steelshot" repaint
    My "steelshot" repaint
    Aaaahhhhhhhhhh......wives...................what would we do without them? Fish a lot more for one thing! :lol: :D :lol:
  • citrus gold
    citrus gold
    The black area around the front eye section really grabs your attention. Nice touch.
  • Venutian Sexy Shad
    Venutian Sexy Shad
    The paint job jells. It has a certain quiet look. The eye really looks ..alive.    Together they make the entire package.

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