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  • Custom Bull Shad
    Custom Bull Shad
    Thank you...take your time and lay out your plan before you start...try to see the effect of "layering" colors..practice a lot lol
  • Custom Bull Shad
    Custom Bull Shad
    Your paint jobs are always so realistic and awesome! Someday I hope to be able to paint like that!
  • IMG 20160428 142120
    IMG 20160428 142120
    Thanks! No, these are actually tail baits (traildrager).  Im gonna try them tomorrow :D! THanks!
  • Painted scales, second attempt.
    Painted scales, second attempt.
    Yep. I found some party hats at the dollar store that had the holographic paper and I use a hole punch for the basic shape. I then use a paint pen for the iris or pupil or whatever it is. 
  • Bull Shad Foiled Gizzard Shad
    Bull Shad Foiled Gizzard Shad
    Thank you

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