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  • First Attempts at Prop Baits
    First Attempts at Prop Baits
    Nice looking bait!. I'm pretty fond of bluegill patterns since they are the primary bait in the smaller lakes where I live. I like the sparkle to the top. What color paint did you use for the top a...
  • holding lures for stenciling
    holding lures for stenciling
    Oops.  The lure's being held in the wood clamp, and I use the vise grips when I want to rotate it.Brain cramp!
  • 11lbs 15oz
    11lbs 15oz
    Wow you catch some big bass!
  • 10lb 2oz!! Released to fight again!!
    10lb 2oz!! Released to fight again!!
    10 pounder... gez... i live in Wisconsin. Ive caught a couple 5 pounders and those are trophys around here
  • 2.5 brown purple stenciled
    2.5 brown purple stenciled
    Hey Mark, those look great. One day, I will learn how to paint those craw patterns.  I am also like others interested in the outcome of your AC1315 dipping and smooth seams. looking forwa...

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