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  • 20150324 090433[1]
    20150324 090433[1]
    That's Some Exceptional Work. Mike 
  • Jerk01
    Ben, I really think you are going the right direction with the slightly more buoyant bait lure the lead wire will work fine. Years ago, we used to wrap the hook shank of our crank baits with electr...
  • American Shad
    American Shad
    Should of had a pic showing the hook.  The look gets them . The hook keeps-um.  .
  • 20150324 090433[1]
    20150324 090433[1]
    Thanks.  Doc' I use a paint mix I call moss green. I mix it up with Createx transparent paints.  The base is yellow then add blue, red and orange sparingly.  Do trials in a cup....
  • 20150324 090347[1]
    20150324 090347[1]
    Hey Mark,  I foiled the cheek and main body sides, two pieces of foil. Painted with transparents and lost some of the silver of the foil on this one but it will still bring a lot of light thru...

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