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  • Boarbaits Hubi19
    Boarbaits Hubi19
    Quality baits right there.......
  • Another gizzard
    Another gizzard
    yes sir, I think it was some silver over grey
  • three bluegill baits2
    three bluegill baits2
    I forgot you suggested it, too.  Sorry.FrogAddict messaged me with his experience using an aluminum license plate, and I realized I had aluminum buzzbait blades.So you are both geniuses!That a...
  • three bluegill baits2
    three bluegill baits2
    Actually, I was the one suggesting the buzz bait blade cut in 1/2.... Nice baits.
  • three bluegill baits
    three bluegill baits
    And the aluminum plopper prop is easy to form and adjust, like FrogAddict predicted.

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