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  • 1.5 Blue Gill
    1.5 Blue Gill
    Yep , I'd Leave It just Like That.  Nice Work Again. Mike
  • 1.5 Blue Gill
    1.5 Blue Gill
    Thanks Ben 
  • 1.5 Blue Gill
    1.5 Blue Gill
    This one is a tad brighter, but they both look good G. Trying to second guess what color the fish want on a certain day is sometimes an exercise in futility. Nice work. Ben
  • Fireworks bass
    Fireworks bass
    Bass and explosives. Doesn't get any better than that. :yay: Ben
  • Slounch Slayer Square
    Slounch Slayer Square
    Thanks Curt! You would do just fine throwing those colors under those conditions. For me the waxing moon is my favorite time for a more quality bite. My favorite color during this time is Junebug....

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