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  • Monarch
    Go to the head of the class with that one.  Won`t find another one with that paint scheme  any time soon...........................  I like colors so you know I like t...
  • Recently foiled Holo waves
    Recently foiled Holo waves
    Really Like The Gold , Great Job Mike
  • 7 Inch, 2 oz. Jerk Bait
    7 Inch, 2 oz. Jerk Bait
    That Cabo trip sounds fun.  Better get a good protective coat on there like Solarez or D2T and get to on, under, and around those eyes if you want to keep 'em on there.  The rough gill pl...
  • WP 20150319 09 30 32 Pro
    WP 20150319 09 30 32 Pro
    Nice looking craw patterns ya got going there.Barry
  • 7 inch, 2 oz. Popper
    7 inch, 2 oz. Popper
    Next couple of weeks ... lucky dog! Totally agree about beach vs boat.  Take along a lighter outfit to San Jose. Great fun with those 1-5# jacks. The beach in front of the turtle sanctuar...

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