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  • 7" S Waver copy glide bait
    7" S Waver copy glide bait
    wow, I believe you didn't miss a step.   I just read this after working for eleven hours and fell asleep while reading it. I will give it another read when I am not so tired. Thanks for taking...
  • Mazarine
    Thanks, it was actually a mistake :P
  • Lava Prop
    Lava Prop
    I don't know how you manage to get that effect, but it's amazing!
  • Mazarine
    That's a beautiful paint scheme!  Good job!
  • IMG 2795[1]
    IMG 2795[1]
    Thank you everyone! It was inspired by the Booyah Spinner bait color Live Craw, but with more reds and extras added!

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