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  • Bull Shad Foiled Gizzard Shad
    Bull Shad Foiled Gizzard Shad
    Great realistic look. Have always admired your work
  • IMG 20160428 142120
    IMG 20160428 142120
     I like the smaller size for Pike. I'm going to assume that these are glidebaits? The paint job is great and the finish look's to be about a half inch thick. The oversize custom eye's really t...
  • Project  Swimbait
    Project Swimbait
    It is a Bassmaster Elite Pro I paint for...yes it is a Roman. It was in terrible shape so not really an option lol...thanks for the feedback
  • Redhorse Sucker
    Redhorse Sucker
    Yeah , ...someone on a German forum watching my own lure vids pointed out the trick to me a while ago , ..he said , that the 25% slo-mo would be really useful to observe a displayed lure actio...
  • Project  Swimbait
    Project Swimbait
    Oh I saw the latter photo. I would be way to scared to sand down one of those. Is this yours or a friends? The re paint looks awesome by the way!

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