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  • Hungry Popper
    Hungry Popper
    Thats good idea Bob!.... You would figure that would have dawned on me seeing as how ive been making those line thru cranks... That would also save me time and weight!
  • Hungry Popper
    Hungry Popper
    Well, if the front bait was a line thru you could put a Carolina stopper on the line behind it.  Might even be able to get away with a bobber stopper.  
  • More baby Murray cod
    More baby Murray cod
    Great job.  I love the eyes.
    Im not sure what you mean by "attempt"..... This looks great!!!
  • "Slounch Slayer Square" by Taylor Custom Baits
    "Slounch Slayer Square" by Taylor Custom Baits
    Thanks Domonique!

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