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  • Enter the rainbow trout
    Enter the rainbow trout
    Nice over all balance on your lure!  From nose to gills,  nice soft blend on the colors. Tail. realistic.  Fist bump!
  • TheewatersKloof killer
    TheewatersKloof killer
    If it were me and I were having that type of problem, I`d jury rig a 100 watt bulb with some sort of shade to direct the heat down ward.   Would work fine till you find something better.
  • Entry for the jerkbait group
    Entry for the jerkbait group
    This looks like an awesome bait! Great job!!!
  • TheewatersKloof killer
    TheewatersKloof killer
    Mr 'G' once again just excellent man just keep up the good work
  • Ribworm... Redbug
    Ribworm... Redbug
    For my records:-1/2 cup plastic-6 drops LW redbug dye-8 pinch .008 kelly green glitter (?)

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