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    Thanks, you guys.
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    You guys are right on. Regardless of the paint scheme, I can spot Fat Fingers baits from a mile away. There are no cookie cutter shortcuts to producing this level of quality and unique works of art...
  • 8 1/2 inch Fatfingers Flatshad
    8 1/2 inch Fatfingers Flatshad
    Wow!  That bait is beautifully crafted and finished.  Awesome job fatfingers.  Your work makes me feel like I'm all thumbs but when I see this stuff it helps me step up my game too....
  • Gill
    I really like your gill pattern.  Your green pumpkin is just right.  Nice clean pattern.  Good job.Barry
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    I'm with Douglas. Knew who the builder was the instant I saw it. True works of art. Ben

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