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  2. 14 Ft lund

    Has anyone ever changed the 14 ft. deep V Lund. in any way. I have one just sitting there and waiting for a project. Wayne
  3. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    @Cub48 that is some important information to know. I appreciate that as it could definitely sway my opinion. Had I not read that I probably wouldn’t really consider it.
  4. Using KBS clear coat

    My wife cannot take the smell, so it is off of my list of tools now. But, IMHO the above responses are correct. I found that one would work for my trout lures, but I usually ended up doing two. I found my Pike lure required 3 or more, but looked awesome after just two. Check out the search feature for storage issues so you don't loose all of that
  5. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    The baits when using plates sometimes will split when u put the hooks in. When u use the dual injector they don't split where the two colors are together. Cub48
  6. SK357 grub mold 4 cavity 4 cavity grub mold, shot very little, made maybe 30 baits. Can't tell from new. 95.00 shipped. Sold new for 109.00 plus shipping.
  7. Using KBS clear coat

    Definitely 2 coats at least. The directions say wait until you can touch it without leaving a finger print, but I usually wait over night until I recoat. I have never had a problem . Recoating to soon may cause bubbling from too thick of a coat. Apparently if all of the gases have not cured out of the first coat they form bubbles in the second coat.
  8. Cedar Squarebills

    Some pre paint wood bass cranks.
  9. Lionfish

    Carved out of Basswood and cleared with etex.
  10. Riplin Repaint

    A repainted Riplin Redfin in preferred colors for Lake Trout, six paint colors and 4 coats of clear with added tied rear treble. Still a couple feet of ice here so the paint should be well cured by the time I get out with this lure.
  11. Using KBS clear coat

    When I use it, I dip, let the excess drip off and then dip again. So usually just two coats, but you can do this as many times as you want to get the desired result.
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  13. 4 cavity creature/craw mold

    have any pictures?
  14. Clear coat with Gorilla clear glue

    Wrong product. Gorilla glue makes a lot of different products now. You are referring to their initial water activated polyurethane formula. They have epoxies, silicone sealants, tape, and various other products now. The clear gorilla glue is a non foaming product (can even make it out on the poor picture above). I would not expect it to perform well as topcoat however based on it being "sandable". Not going to hurt to try it out on a scrap piece of wood and see how it performs. Now the white gorilla glue may be a good seal coat for balsa or other wood baits. Waterproof, sandable, paintable, etc... and white in color.
  15. 4 cavity creature/craw mold

    4.4 inch brand new craw mold shot it twice now buying a new punch bait mold I just seen posted $180 usd or $220 cdn
  16. 4.5" bull shad

    Here's a 4.5" bull shad in my bluegill pattern
  17. Using KBS clear coat

    So my order for some KBS clear coat came in today, I had to leave the 2 ton epoxy it was just too messy for me and time consuming (THATS JUST ME) but my question here is DO I SINGLE COAT MY LURES OR DOUBLE? and I will say i dunked about 25 crank baits I made and it took me only about 5 minutes total I LOVE HOW FAST I CAN COAT MY LURES NOW! also I barely used any clear coat so spending $50 on a quart of KBS will go a LOOOOONNNGGG WAAAAYYY! but I'm a newbie so will see. So yeah so far I've only dunked them once so should that be enough or should I do a second coat?? THANK YOU in advance!
  18. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    I'm on the other side of the fence. I really think I need or want a duel injector.
  19. Plumber's Lead

    Plumbers lead used in soil stacks and the like are general pretty pure .cant be beat
  20. How much powder paint per 100 spinnerbaits?

    Using TJ's spray gun, how much powder paint are you guys using to do , let's say 100 3/8 oz spinnerbaits? Sorry if it has been covered but couldn't find it
  21. Sealing a chugger

    I might have to go get some extra long cotton swabs from the drug store. I think thats what I'll have to try. I'l report back when I get them sealed one way or anther. Thanks Bob!
  22. Jiggy Bling

    I slotted an egg sinker to accept the hook then beat on it with a hammer to shape, not fancy but it worked. A little super glue, some abalone and three coats of epoxy, hand cut mylar strips.
  23. Muskie hook hanger size (greenhorn)

    we use wire0.62. .building cost effective in numbers of lures wire is less expensive then screw for screws its an easier process. .both will hold up to musky,s..
  24. 20180217_185907.jpg

    Really like the "full" skirt. Gives that puppy some body. Another spinner bait for lilly pad fields on the St John`s. Very nice.
  25. Clear coat with Gorilla clear glue

    Gorilla glue needs moisture to cure and expands like foam. Wont flow out smooth and wont be very clear. Basically wont work
  26. Large 30 degree Swim Jig hook

    The Mustad 32850 is a heavy wire that comes in a 6/0. The only other one I know of that goes higher is the Mustad 91768 but I wouldn't call it a heavy wire but in an 8/0 or 9/0 I would think it would be heavy enough.
  27. Large 30 degree Swim Jig hook

    I don't know of any larger than 5/0. But, I would think that 5/0 would be plenty large enough for pike.
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