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  2. Hybrid Wiggle Wart Blanks

    @Captain Ron, Angling Archer is right. I created a new post here: That is the only place in the forums where a post of this type is allowed.
  3. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    Lurch, I think some guys reckon its stronger because the twisted section is slightly thicker with barrel twist, and therefore has a bigger surface area to glue ,in theory making it harder to pull out . In practice and testing ,I've found it means nothing, a twisted screw eye properly glued in will be almost impossible to remove.......glider

    I've been building the same models of cranks for years now and never put one in the water to see if runs. If you follow a repeatable formula for building your cranks then there should not be any problems from the 1st bait to 100th bait. If you make a change in the formula then you might run into problems.
  5. First soft swimbait advice needed

    Tail could go a bit larger, Id also make the corner radius of it a bit bigger, helps air slide out when shooting.
  6. Hybrid Wiggle Wart Blanks

    Captain Ron. I think this is to be posted in the top thread, CRANK BAIT SUPPLIERS. To my knowledge, that is the only thread Kurt allows us to post this type of information. Check it out. PS, they look good.
  7. Hybrid Wiggle Wart Blanks

    google at luckycastlures/
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  9. First soft swimbait advice needed

    It should work fine, but you might need to just do a little trial and error testing to get it perfect. There are a few minor changes I would make, but I see no reason that your idea, as shown, cannot be made to work. I would suggest getting a medium plastisol, and then add hardener if necessary. I think it is large enough that a soft plastic might not be best. This is my thinking on it. The tail is long and lean enough for good action, but the tail seems relatively small. The two combined should still give good action, but to adjust how much/little, tweak the plastic hardness. As for brand of plastisol, well that in itself will get an argument (not really) going. We all have our preferences, but I like the Alumisol Plastisol myself, and they sell the medium and the hardener as well.
  10. Barrel twist wire screw eye

    Yeah I was looking for this for larger Musky/Striper baits. I was told they are a stronger option then just the twisted, although I have no proof other than others experience. The barrel is one straight and the other twisted around it.
  11. Made a swim bait master that I really like, but wanted to see if you guys would think it will work. I want to rig it weedless on a owner beast 10/0. Do you think this would work? What brand of plastisol do you guys recommend for big swimbaits like these?
  12. Crankbait Blank Suppliers

    Hey gang, we had a previous thread in this forum that listed suppliers for crankbait blanks. It was a very old thread that had a ton of outdated information in it. But there was also some very good, current info also. Well, for some reason that thread disappeared today. I have no idea how or why it happened, but it did. So, it's time to start a brand new thread with up to date info. This is the only thread in this forum where sellers will be allowed to list their items and a link to their website. Keep the sales pitches to a minimum when you make your post. Just keep it to basic info and a link to your website. Photos are allowed, but there will be a limit of 5 photos per supplier. Please adhere to these guidelines or your post will be deleted without warning. Thanks
  13. Heat for lure drying cabinet

    Hey ! I thought I'd post this idea in case anyone was looking for a simple solution to heating a drying cabinet. The room I use gets a bit chilly in winter, and it was causing problems with my epoxy. I got a heating pad for a reptile tank from Amazon and just placed it on the bottom of the cabinet. It has a dial switch to adjust the heat. It's made a noticeable difference in smoother flow out and abbreviated curing time.

    I can't. I guess it's just my perception of things.

    Well I have the same problem so this year I will try the Y and see if I can use their pool if not then see if I can get into the local motels with pools and maybe for a small donation I can use there pool for a hour, even if at one o clock in the morning. wayne

    Like JD said, look for a river or stream with moving water.
  17. Do-it style 9 shad 1/2 and 3/4 modifying

    The post was about mold modifications I can bend a hook with pliers pretty easy

    I have found a few spots that never seem to freeze even when the lake ice is over 2 feet thick: winding rivers, a channel that connects 2 lakes, pools below dams, town docks/marinas that use bubblers to prevent freezing. If the winter is a brutal one, those openings do shrink some. But, I can usually get in a decent cast. Some rivers only get a skim coat of ice right along the bank. You have to be careful when there is snow on the ground because you can't tell where the land ends and the river begins. I usually break up this thin ice with a stick and walk out a couple of feet in knee high boots to make my casts. There are probably some areas like that near you. It's just a question of finding them. If there is a bait shop in your area that sells live shiners for ice fishing, you may want to ask them. There is a bait shop in my area that keeps shiner traps out in the local rivers in the winter. I am not expecting to catch bass in these areas. I am just looking to see a lure's action and how it runs. A pike or pickerel is possible, maybe a river smallie.

    Though it seldom ices over here in N.C., it is miserable fishing weather in January, February, and early March. The bass agree and unless you build crankbaits that dive 30-50 ft deep (ha ha) a true test to see what the BASS think of your lure is limited to seeing only what YOU think about it. I don’t consider that to be sufficient testing. But what I CAN do is build batches of baits that have proven fish catching ability, to have a supply on hand when fishing resumes. I can build those baits with confidence that they will conform and perform to spec. I don’t tune every crankbait before it leaves my hands. If a user doesn’t know enough to tune a crankbait, he really has no business throwing custom crankbaits. I buy custom wood baits and always expect to tune a new bait the first time I throw it, even if the builder thinks he did it for me. So to me water testing every crankbait I build is a moot point. Jmho
  20. Rustoleum Clear Coats

    Oh wow! Just saw this new thread! Thanks for creating it SW Lures Just made a run to Walmart and picked up some rustoleum 2x clear. I was amazed at how cheap it was! Just need to try tuning a glide to test it on.
  21. Soft temper wire for through wire

    NP. I feel your pain I tried welding wire and hard 304. Before finding this annealed 304L it was killing my hands.
  22. Fluid Bed??

    I would but I am out of town for work for a couple of weeks. When I get home I'll post it. What I did was drill a small hole in the side of the 3" flat cap as close as possible to the bottom. Insert the Aquarium valve and hot glued it in place. Then I took a 3.5" long section of 3" ABS and inserted a knock out test cap. I knocked out and discarded the center of the test cap. I then removed the ring left from the test cap. I placed a piece of Tyvek over the piece of ABS and replaced the test cap ring creating a nice tight fitting membrane. If needed trim excess Tyvek. The outside of the tyvek envelope should face up into the cup. Place the cup in the endcap open end up. Fill ~1/2 or so way with paint. Hook up your pump via the tubing and adjust the air to your liking. Done. I used a Tetra whisper 30/60 aquarium pump from Walmart. This powers 2 fluid beds one from each hose. I use another knock out test cap unmodified as a cover for my paint cup. I leave the paint in using one cup for each color. The only glue used was from a hot glue gun to secure the aquarium valve. Everything else is press fit. For a 2" fluid bed press in a 3"x2" adapter and make a 2" fluid bed cup. You can make cups as tall as you like. Some of my 2" cups are 12" tall and work just fine. I hope this explains it well enough.
  23. Fluid Bed??

    Chris, could you post a pic of your build?
  24. Soft temper wire for through wire

    Haha...that wire looks so soft compared to the one I was using. Need to make my life Thanks for sending the link. I'm in North Jersey.
  25. Defective Blanks

    No doubt ron, if someone did this to me I would be more than angry believe me.....
  26. Defective Blanks

    I can agree with both sides of the discussion. I won't name the company because this could be an isolated instance and I don't know what this issue is. As I would not want someone to post something negative on me that anyone can see. Also I am not asking for money back (as I told the seller), either I threw the noticeably defective baits out in disgust or they were painted before I realized the issue. Again the seller knows this. What kills me is the not replying to pictures sent and the word liar. I suppose I know to buy a sample next time.
  27. Defective Blanks

    I get it 21xdc, just not sure this is the right place for it ....
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