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  2. I am using the Gamakatsu 114 in mine.
  3. basstackle 632 swimbait mold 8 cavity

    got it,8 4 inch croaker and the belly mold for that bait and then the 3.5 toads have 4 and also 4 of the 4.5 toads and a 4.5 belly mold also
  4. basstackle 632 swimbait mold 8 cavity

    Sent you an email, Simon Taylor
  5. Today
  6. Will the gama 604 fit?
  7. Who's making a good injector now?

    no just making for me. I already made one with plunger and tip in teflon. but i could not find it when i grabbed my mold.
  8. Who's making a good injector now?

    Any idea if you will sell these, and if so,how much?
  9. Who's making a good injector now?

    ya thats the way the mold maker did it to test. he only shot 2 cavaties
  10. Yesterday
  11. spinnerbait blades

    Wow, that looks like the blades were stacked together and then ran over or compressed in some manner. That looks a lot like what I call "oil canning". Because the blades are normally stacked once made, and extremely strong at that point, that leads me to believe it was at the factory, and a one time incident. Weird, very weird.
  12. NAZDAR Pigments

    No question, It is 99% the same stuff, Most plastic manufactures manufacture screen printing ink as well.....
  13. NAZDAR Pigments

    Do a Bleed test.
  14. NAZDAR Pigments

    The real question is about at least for me.
  15. NAZDAR Pigments

    I just got some. I cut it with softener. Looks good. I am going to give it a try this weekend. It looks REALLY strong. 5 grams in 100ml of softner (Neon Yellow) is completely opaque. This stuff is made to mix with clear Plastisol base for screen printing. They have 5 neon colors.
  16. Crankbait Help

    Pretty sure ballast will do it, but next we can work on the lip/line tie. Almost positive the ballast will fix that. Ballast between the first and 2nd hook on that design, slightly more toward the first hook.
  17. NAZDAR Pigments

    Liquid pigment, the powder is not gonna color your plastic, Powder pigment has to be ran thru a mill. Or it has to be a dye, so it actually disolves and disperses. Any powdered pigment i have ever used just leaves dots... Reason they run it thru the mill... So it disperses with the carrier..
  18. NAZDAR Pigments

    Are you using the ink? or the pigment powder?
  19. Printed Bags

    China, IE Alibaba
  20. Tackle Show Opinions

    I'm poor anyway. ROFLOL
  21. NAZDAR Pigments

    I have experimented with them all, Nazdar is USA also, they are way to transparent.. Reason they print white underlays on anything dark.
  22. Crankbait Help

    Looking at your disscription of how it floats I would want the opposite old saying head down A up is the way I like it lol Often I only have 1/8 above water and front sunk Try it and see how it goes
  23. Crankbait Help

    The baits are about 12"OAL, with the body being about 9.5" and they weight 6-7oz The grey one did run a bit better that the gold/blue. I purposely put different hooks on them to see how it affected action, the hooks on the grey lure are a bit heavier too. So I'm optimistic about the ballast being the issue Thanks for the replies guys - this site is awesome!
  24. Tackle Show Opinions

    I really think that you should combine face book with a web site. But in the end you will still be poor. Its not easy. Wayne
  25. Crankbait Help

    If your not happy with the action of a smaller lip a steeper angle is need. But this effects the depth it will dive to This is why when I make a new design it is never finished without perfecting action. I find I need to mess around with a lot before I am happy Hope a builder who relies more on intelligence then being stubborn to get this right can have a fast fix for you
  26. Crankbait Help

    Betting on ballast and if it takes too much weight a less aggressive lip I am no pro and figured out all I know from trail and error. That said the issue you are experiencing I fix by weight or creating less water resistance
  27. Crankbait Help

    Here are the baits in question. The lip and line tie all look to be right on the center line, along with the hook hangers. They didn't run as well as expected, but I am still a newbie in this hobby. Hillbilly - It sits in the water nicely, the front 1/3 of the bait is just below the water and the other 2/3 the back is just out of the water. It also appears to be sitting upright as it should.
  28. spinner bait blades

    Click on the link under pricing- it is a WORD document
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