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  2. Bulk Bucktails?

    There is 1 place I know of, grandpa bobs custom jigs. You'll get an even better price, the problem is wait time, if he has them in stock you'll get them fast, if he doesn't you may wait as long as 2 months. You will find no better prices on hair, chenille, feathers, thread, flash or most everything else he carries and if you don't mind waiting with zero communication then you'll save some money and get a decent product but if you take a chance and think that you'll just cancel the order and stop payment if it takes too long, well you'll be out because unlike most vendors Bob charges your card whether the items are in stock or not so he doesn't cancel orders because he doesn't even look at emails. The reason I mentioned him is because he will fill your order and you won't find a better price but if you need them right away you will have to look elsewhere or call him and hope he answers the phone. Good luck.
  3. Bulk Bucktails?

    I need to buy 30-40 White (natural) medium bucktails. I have been buying from Lureparts ($3.18 each with free shipping). They are out of stock on this color. Any idea where I can get a similar deal?
  4. Bulk Bucktails?

    I need to buy 30-40 White (natural) medium bucktails. I have been buying from Lureparts ($3.18 each with free shipping). They are out of stock on this color. Any idea where I can get a similar deal? Stephen
  5. Leader sleeves

    Which size would fit in weedguard pin slot in jig?
  6. Surflon for weedguard

    Which one to use?
  7. Adding Pearl Colouring to Plastisol

    Automotive paint suppliers have pearl powders, glitters to.
  8. Split Ring Question

    best one and really cheap.many shop buy from them
  9. I dip, hang, and dab the back with a paper towel like Mark does. Never had an issue, just makes it so you cant walk away with in the first 10 minutes.
  10. first baits finished

    I kept the paint jobs very simple as this was the first time I used an airbrush. I also didn't sand the top center bait smooth like I should have. I am going to have to add a little more weight to a few of the baits to get the action the way I want it, but all in all I am happy with the first batch. Oh yeah........ The smallmouth liked them.
  11. First baits completed

    Thank you guys. Yes they are my first and my first time using an airbrush so I kept the paint job simple. I caught a couple smallmouth on them Sunday.
  12. Swimbait designing/evolution

    Landry...Impressive set of high quality baits. Your finishes look very realistic and intriguing. Love the perch detail- looks like solid cheeks and internal vertical striping through op ache body scales. Would love to see them in the water so will send you an email. I hope that you have success in catching the big ones with your awesome collection. Hats off for sharing your journey and to your dedication to the craft. Cheers
  13. first baits finished

    I uploaded them to the gallery. I didn't think I was supposed to put them here.
  14. Wood Densities

    Thanks Gliders. I've used wheel weights in the past to make sinkers and such but they are getting harder and harder to come by. A friend of mine that casts his own bullets gave me a large piece of lead (probably 30 lbs.). I'm hoping that will do me for a while. lol
  15. Split Ring Question

  16. They can't sell Xylol/Xylene here in California.
  17. Split Ring Question

    Been buying mine from these folks, been treating me very well.
  18. First baits completed

    Nice job. Just wait until you catch fish on your own baits. It's a cool feeling and if you're like me, it will fuel the desire to make more...and more.
  19. Split Ring Question

    Recently, I ran across some defective split rings that fell apart just by rigging them onto my baits. I can't narrow it down to a supplier because I buy them randomly here and there. All the ones I buy are supposed to be stainless, and they are not very old. The problem is that I open multiple packs at a time and dump them all into a bin. There's a lot of them in there and no way to know for sure which ones might fail. I can't have that. So- after I dump all of my split rings in the trash, where might you guys suggest I find a good deal on quality stainless split rings? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Chatter bait jig selection

    Bending the blade forward...hmm... Gonna have to take some of my rear bent blades and reverse them to see the action. Good thinking outside of the box!
  21. First baits completed

    Those are your first ones? They look a thousand times better than my first.
  22. Adding Pearl Colouring to Plastisol

    Pearl ex works great. You can probably get it at an art store
  23. Blank Flicker Shads/Minnows

    Looks more like a Shad Rap KO to me?
  24. 43FF3C8B-263D-42BD-A553-A31CDC16306B.jpeg

    Here’s a double arm spinnerbait. These baits swim so good! They go over cover very well!! I’ve made changes to the trailer keeper since this version. I have an extra mold... for the right price I might let it go. Lol!
  25. Uv and glow additave

    Thank you, I cant wait to try them.
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