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  2. Swimbait mold

    The guy from Ukraine. Does not answer emails..
  3. Swimbait mold

    Yea i sent them a sample almost a year ago.
  4. Swimbait mold

    Not that I can say for sure. I was just pointing out that it's obviously not the swim ripper. The guys in Ukraine might make one though.
  5. Which urethane

    I used Helmsman Spar Urethane on a few baits in the past before switching to 2 part epoxy. The Spar's durability seemed better than other urethanes. The bait will smell for while which will fade away after a few uses. As MG said, it will amber/yellow over time. I also used it on the supports and decking for my 14' jon boat. I have used the boat for over a decade.
  6. Separating fiberglass molds

    I also get excellent results from Alumilites UMR.
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  8. Swimbait mold

    ok. do you know if that mold is for sale somewhere?
  9. Swimbait mold

    It's not the swim ripper...
  10. Indigo Dragonfly

    Mtstew, It may not be like winning the lottery but if you are like me, I keep looking for the next fly I will tye that will fool some poor fish and it will always seems to involve some new tool or material I don't have. Think of your next challenge and buy the stuff you need to pull it off. I'll be privileged to be up against you next year.
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  12. Poison Swingtail Mold

    Can you use the regular posiion tail hooks in the swingtail mold? Also to me it looks like you could use a type of spinnerbait straigjt wireform coming out the head in the swingtail mold am I correct?
  13. Indigo Dragonfly

    Thank you Tom, I was surprised it did that well. Now I have to come up with a competitive pattern for next year. Only thing left to do now is try to figure out what to spend my winnings on. There is way too many choices from both websites.
  14. Excise Tax Issue

    I'd say you are on the right track. Producer of the jig pays ET. You show that you bought finished product from them with receipt you will be good to go. I'd keep the two brands separated until you know you if you will continue selling because there is a demand for the plastics. Seems easiest to close it down if it doesn't turn out the way you wanted it to. Just my opinion though.
  15. Excise Tax Issue

    First, let me say, in descending order, the 3 things I am most afraid of and therefore strive always to stay on the good side of are; 1) My Wife 2) The IRS 3] Electricity Jig Detail & Question I spent several years working on a jig, for a specific purpose, on a specific lake and had multiple guides and tournament folks work with it, helping me “tune” it along the way. Finally convinced it is marketable in that geographic area I have committed to getting the jigs on tackle store shelves very soon. A deal was reached with a domestic manufacturer who will produce, package and direct ship the jigs to stores. I have gotten the graphics, packaging cards, and UPC labels taken care of. The manufacturer is paying the excise tax (and providing me documentation of same) built into the price I’m paying. They are making 5K of these jigs (the minimum) and 3,500 are pre-sold, so I think we are on the right road. With respect the jigs and excise taxes it my understanding that I only need file an annual return that documents the payment of the taxes by the manufacturer. Q1) Do you have any different understanding or experience in that regard? Plastic Bait Detail I also plan to self-manufacture a small amount of soft plastic baits and test market them in the same stores, under a different brand name. I understand that I will need to pay and file all excise taxes on these products. I am currently at a crossroads regarding a decision to make the plastic company a separate LLC, strictly to avoid any confusion over the excise taxes between the jig brand and the plastics brand. I could leave everything in one company, with separate brands, or have each brand stand alone as an LLC. Income taxes are not a troubling issue as everything will be consolidated on a single personal return. We have no annual fees for LLC’s in my State and I’m proficient at the process. I don’t know if the plastics brand will be a success, as I have not done the R&D that I did with the jig. This argues for the simplicity of a stand alone company for plastics. If it fails, a notice of dissolution to the State and final returns to taxing authorities shuts it down. Q2) Do you have any experience or thoughts on this? Your assistance and thoughts are most welcome and appreciated. Respectfully, M. Knight
  16. Swimbait mold

    Is it the 5 inch swim ripper. looks close
  17. Color for plastic

    Stick to lureworks colorant, they make it thereself and been around a long time, the formulas are the same and will be for a long time to come.
  18. Swimbait mold

  19. Swimbait mold

    Does anyone know of you can buy the mold for this swimbait. Ive seen several places to buy the bait so surely the mold is for sale somewhere. I call myself looking all over for it
  20. Separating fiberglass molds

    Oh yes, and the jelly to. I normally take a cold chisel to the seam line on the Vac-Master to open it the first time. But, sweet after that.
  21. Separating fiberglass molds

    Anglinarcher is right on with his points.... You can try a PLA release film.... it's basically a water based spray on film that will allow you to separate one part from the other when making fiberglass parts. I used it while making a few motorcycle fenders/molds. You spray it on - let it dry - layup the other part - then after it cures - use water to dissolve the PLA while trying your best to pull the molds apart. Even with the PLA stuff - you gotta work it.... most of this stuff is expected to be used on big highly drafted parts - and even those you gotta bang around a bit.... on small things like we use - its tough. Look up the PLA release film online.... it's not expensive from what I recall... J.
  22. Which urethane

    Nearly all paint companies make a urethane clear coat. The higher the percentage of urethane the better. Semi gloss is semigloss , "high gloss", and "clear gloss" are the two that have the good shine we want on lures. These are usually made for furniture or cabinet finishes for the home use. I don't know how much water protection they have. I would soak a scrap piece of wood finished with the urethane to see how it reacts to water submersion. One thing to be sure of is it will turn amber with age. You should be able to dip lures into this finish and hang. There is not a big problem with saving the finish when the can is opened. It will usually skim over in the can as used. Just gently cut the skim open enough to stick the lure through. Sand between coats with 320 grit paper.
  23. Copic Airbrush System

    I don't own this either but a close friend does and he does some fantastic color fading and shading. His colors are very vivid. I don't believe you have to use just copic pens. I don't think it is meant to replace the airbrush just enhance your capabilities. Good luck
  24. Jigging rod for heavy jigs

    I haven't found one yet to put together. There is one at Jans Netcraft that's 6ft IM6 medium heavy blank. I am going to look at the one from Mudhole too. Not sure which blank would be better, almost looks like the Mudhole one might be better. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.
  25. Separating fiberglass molds

    I have not tried making molds from fiberglass, but I have out of difficult materials like Alumilite Vac-Master 50. On my silicones and Vac-Master 50, I find a light coat of Petroleum Jelly works well. Also, most of the problem comes when you try to seperate the molds the first time. I find that is from the top layer seeping around the edges of the bottom half and bonding to it. I remove the bottom half from the mold box and coat the edges of the bottom half with the jelly, then put it back into the mold, then coat the bottom half exposed layer, then proceed as normal. You might try petroleum jelly and see if it works for you. I also get excellent results from Alumilite's UMR but the jelly is available over the counter (Vaseline and the like).
  26. Hello from Illinois

    Welcome aboard!
  27. Copic Airbrush System

    Don't own one myself, have friends that do. The best suggestion is to look at the following videos of the system using them for lures, but, like you, I am not ready to turn in my airbrush and all the paints I can get. But.....I am getting closer. No ventilation and no clean up and not tip dry and ....... might be worth the lack of colors. The above videos show using them on hard baits, soft baits, and doing refills. I hope this helps some.
  28. Separating fiberglass molds

    I've been trying (attempting ) to make some fiberglass 2 piece injection molds , I'm able to get the bottom half near perfect but when I pour the top I'm not able to get separated without breaking the top half Ive tried different thickness of resin, waxing with 4 -5 coats of magiurs , painting the bottom half then waxing , cutting the mold in half with a table saw worked best but was a challenge to get a cut perfect with thin portions of the bait like claws. Any suggestions techniques , release agents available would be appreciated . Dale
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