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  2. Protech Curing

    Well the reason i did a jig with such little paint on it, was more or less to test the toaster oven. To see if the jigs would melt either way and they did. I'm convinced you guys are right and its the toaster oven being too hot. I have a thermometer coming in. Thanks for the info guys. Nice to know this community will be so quick and helpful with a newbie.
  3. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    I reckon, if you can find one, go a baitjunkys twin injector, I have a 6oz and its a solid piece of gear! Only available used...
  4. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    This is also my spray booth for airbrushing. This is the same size filter that my house furnace uses. I buy them in bulk to work in both. A small filter will collapse with the power of my fan. I wanted more surface area.
  5. Powder painting pearl

    I always base coat in white and go over with pearl, nice deep pearl finish.
  6. Protech Curing

    Also try heating the jig more before you dip it. I've never seen lead through the powder coat unless the jig head was too cold before I dipped it. Usually, a quick bob in the fluidized bed filter and it comes out entirely covered. Couple quick taps to knock off any excess and onto the rack it goes.
  7. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    Just curious, but why such a hefty filter? I know you don't want the exhaust piping to clog up but wouldn't the big furnace filter trap the dust and other stuff in your workspace, or saturate the filter itself? Not trying to criticize, just curious!
  8. Three things to preserve your trip from a trailer accident

    You know this thread is almost 10 years old right?
  9. Doug Hannon style guides

    I noticed today that Aaron Martin was using that type eye on his drop shot rod.
  10. Spro little John DD blanks

    I have spent a few days searching and found nothing. Does anyone have a place to buy spro little John DD or baby dd blanks?
  11. Craftwell marker air brush

    One concern I have. On a bait colored with Sharpie dye, you must not use a topcoat containing any solvent or your colors will run. Frankly, I don’t see how shooting Sharpie dye would be cheaper than using acrylic latex airbrush paint. And your color choices would be much reduced.
  12. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    BTW, I found a fitted lid for my Pro-Melt furnace on e-bay made of a good solid aluminum plate.
  13. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    I don’t wear a mask when I make Jigs, because I don’t do things that would cause me to ingest it, but if you do choose to wear a respirator, look for the purple edged 3 m cartridges. They are made specifically for filtering LBP dust smaller than 10 microns. I buy 100 lbs of lead nuggets from Robometals and it requires very little cleaning or fluxing. When I clean up, I NEVER do it with compressed air Always a HEPA vac and/or wet rags. I scrub well before going in the house and leave my work clothes in the shop, including shoes.
  14. Do-It Molds WEY375 Wire forms

    no, I’m pretty sure the hoops are different sizes with respect to being thicker wire. The smaller ones fit the mold. I have some big wires for spoons that don’t work in that mold. Dont get discouraged, Scott. I’ve made hundreds of them. Best blade size, for 3/8 & 1/2 oz is 3.5 willow.
  15. Baits not smooth

    Warming will likely reduce the pits but yes demolding takes longer. I get smoother and smoother pours as I go which begs the question - are the tiny air bubbles causing it or is it formaldehyde gas being pulled from the silicone itself, (which is another theory I have seen). I will likely be adding a degasser to my lineup sometime soon as I think I will get the best possible bait that way other than making an aluminum Mold. I think degassing the silicone Mold and then degassing the plastisol before pouring would be the ultimate - provided your master carving is epoxy coated so u get a glass clear Mold surface. Problem is - every time I sell a bunch of muskie lures, I go ahead and spend the money on new lure making toys. I'm not making any headway. Lol. And according to SmoithOn you need at least an 8CFM vacuum pump so that makes the purchase more like $500-$700.
  16. Powder painting pearl

    Haven’t tried that ^^^ Thanks will give it a try tomorrow.
  17. Powder painting pearl

    Paint it first with a bright white and then in the pearl.
  18. Powder painting pearl

    What is everyones secret to getting a good paint with this? Any other color I have no problems with but this one is a PITA as at least 50% of the jigs do not come out right. Allen
  19. Photo Collage_20180218_212257878.jpg

    GIzzard shad. 5/0 Gamakatsu hook embedded in weighted foam harness for swimbait to sit upright at rest. Harness covered with bondcoat to prevent slippage. 10mm Living eyes. Wedge tail with excellent action at slow retrieve. Painted with Lureworks SB including holographic glitter. Made from real shad replica and Sculpey molded with Smooth On Mold Max 30.
  20. Protech Curing

    I got my toaster oven in my divorce from my second wife in 1991, and it's still working, although I don't know if it's temps are true. But it still cures my jigs just fine, so I guess, like they say, ignorance is bliss.
  21. PVC.... Azek or Choice Dek?

    None of the superglues I've tried have had a problem with PVC. I used to build control line planes with one of my boys, back in the70s, and we used the first super glue, the one that came in the clear bottle with the long, thin straw we stuck in the bottle's nozzle. We used micro beads and superglue to make farings, and never had any problems, but that was probably a totally different glue back then.
  22. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    Awesome advice, what mask do you use or recommend for pouring and smelting lead?
  23. Baits not smooth

    Thank you for info
  24. Baits not smooth

    It will grow and bubbles will rise to the tp and pop. then it will relax and go back down. The examples of chambers do come with a gauge and after the first time you will know at what amount of vacuum it will do its thing. You will have much better looking baits after that. As for how much you put in is going to be decided by the sizes of the mold you make.
  25. Home Brew Rod Drier - Turner

    Bob , good job. I'm thinking about picking up a few things to try my hand at rod building for myself. I would like to make an extremely sensitive jig rod & also one for plastics.
  26. Protech Curing

    That's why I ALWAYS get a countertop convection oven. That fan makes a huge difference.
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