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  3. usmick78

    Looking for ice fishing jig molds

    I know this is older than the hills, but can you tell where that jig came from? looking to make exactly that type of ant.
  4. Paul Larson

    Trolling a Fly with your Spinning Rod and Reel

    It's something new for me! Recently, I've read about this equipment on the post at a college paper service, but your review is good too!
  5. ddl


    not bad at all. could you let me know what kind of brown is that ?
  6. MonteSS

    Robo prism shad recipe

    Dont confuse Pearls with Hilites. Totally different.
  7. MonteSS


    I did a white base. Pearl white belly Pearl Gold sides. Wrap with a used drier sheet (first time I tried this technique) Spray Brown over sides and back Spray face and back brown Lightly dust pearl gold over back and face I sprayed eye pearl white
  8. xpress

    Bounce plastic

    It will twin inject yes, it will not with laminate plates or hand pours. The easy stretch will laminate but is a sinking plastic.
  9. Chuck Young

    Jointed swimbait question

    It may not be the lure, but the nut that holds the handle on the rod.
  10. Bowman3020

    Recipe for "Dirt" (strike kings)

    Two part pour. Top watermelon 4oz plastic (I used 536 soft) 5 drops Watermelon 1/2 teaspoon .015 black flake 4 teaspoons of fine salt. Bottom brown 2 oz plastic (536) 5 drops Root beer 1/4 teaspoon .015 black flake 2 teaspoons of fine salt. It's very close once it is poured.
  11. porkmeatballs

    Jointed swimbait question

    Ah I see. Other glide baits have this problem as well, then? It just seems kind of annoying when the bait keeps going to the same side.
  12. Anglinarcher

    Jointed swimbait question

    Actually, this is pretty normal. If you do it too early, or too late, then the motion is either not complete enough, or too much.
  13. robalo01

    micro balloons

    I have mixed microbaloons with plastic. It works, but it messes up the colors. Why would you mix it with worm oil?
  14. Saugerman

    Enforcer Weed Beater Frog Mols

    Thanks for the response, I think I'll give it a try.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Gloomisman

    Jig Rattles small 16mm 1000ct

    Brand new 16mm rattles. 1000 pack. 75 shipped.
  17. porkmeatballs

    Jointed swimbait question

    Sorry to resurrect such an old thread, but I have a different glide bait problem that I could use some help on... I made a jointed glide that's about 8 inches long and glides decently well, but when you give it a few twitches, sometimes it will favor gliding to a certain side. For example, sometimes it will glide left, left, right instead of alternating from side to side. I've been playing around with it, but can't figure out what's wrong. The only way that I can get it to alternate is to time my twitches perfectly. I can use any help that I can get!
  18. Hillbilly voodoo

    Wire size for lake trout inline?

    Lots of big lakers in my neck of the woods and have had them trash baits. Also use some of my laker baits for spring salmon(kings if your American) Myself all my spinners made for lakers are with .041. Average fish are in the lakes I fish 10#-15# but giants over 50# Don’t be afraid to go big with spinners for lakers. If you look in the gallery you can find a pic of some I make. I have had 2# lakers take these with ease
  19. Hillbilly voodoo

    Five Lures....go!

    Only five is hard to choose when you target a lot of different species 1) kamlooper spoon yellow/silver and red spots. Caught every species of trout/char that swims along with pike and coho salmon. Not always the top producer but seems to catch a fish even on the toughest days. Plus they are heavy enough to cast or jig 2) Blue fox vibrax spinner pink with a silver blade. Trout/char/salmon just seem to eat it 3) 3 inch white twister tail grub jig combo. Bull trout, lake trout, largemouth, smallmouth, walleye, pike, rockfish, burbot, and lingcod all fall victim to it 4) beadhead woolly bugger orange bead, black, and a little purple flash. Bass, trout, arctic grayling, walleye, salmon, and crappie all go for it 5) Sinking rapala in firetiger. Predator fish just like it So many good lures, so many species, and so many different situations having to choose only 5 lures is evil lol
  20. SlowFISH

    Bounce plastic

    Will not laminate with a laminate plate/2nd pour or if you shoot it with 2 injectors at same time (ex Shooting Star system) will it laminate? J.
  21. Gettin Bit

    Bounce plastic

    Thanks for the information
  22. xpress

    Enforcer Weed Beater Frog Mols

    I really like both of his frogs
  23. xpress

    Bounce plastic

    It will not laminate, it floats though
  24. swimb8s

    Making a rattling Colorado blade

    Have a Picture ? Maybe use some resin, pour into a Colorado blade Lay in rattle and let cure then pop out and foil tape the outside and clear coat ?
  25. Les Young

    Which plastic to start with?

    I've used lureworks( spike it) & bait junkys & both have been excellent every time.
  26. Last week
  27. Ichthus

    Making a rattling Colorado blade

    Yeah that was my last resort haha. With things like this though, it’s always the last resort that’s the best option I find. I’ll probably buy a few too just to experiment.
  28. Curt - RI

    Start page problem

    The home page is fixed. Thanks for your patience.
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