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  2. Baits not smooth

    SmiithOn said that on their website. Maybe they say that to cover their backsides and to allow fast setting products to be used That is good news then for me. I was thinking of getting a 2-5gallon chamber. How long would it take to degassing silicon in these chambers with a 3CFM or a 6CFM pump in your experiences? and should it be a two stage motor? thanks guys
  3. Jig Hanging Rack For Curing

    Very nice idea, Scott.
  4. Spro little John DD blanks

    Gonna have to paint the real thing on those for now. Trying to convince them to sell them unpainted though.
  5. Wanting to convert to an underspin. Help needed!

    Yes, I did both sides. I used my drill press, drill press vise, ball and flat end mills. I can’t control my dremel enough to get the results I want. Tends to walk way more than I would like.
  6. Baits not smooth

    Exactly. A 3 cfm pump will do 3 cubic feet as fast as a 8cfm pump will do 8 cubic feet. If we were talking doing gallons at a time id be concerned. I would buy a 6cfm in a heart beat. I have 2 actually. Degassing in a 3 gallon pot with 30 minute silicone you will have plenty of time
  7. Baits not smooth

    CFM is how fast it will get to a desired Hg but all of them will get to there max Hg in time. Not sure what they mean either. As for any other theory's try and fix the ones you can control and go from there.
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  9. Airbrushing DIY Candy Acrylics

    Airbrushing the polycrylic-food coloring worked well. I plan to try mixing with a semi-gloss polycrylic instead since there will be less solids to dull the finish. May make them a bit more transparent.
  10. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    I watched that video an ordered the dual injector. Great video
  11. Apply Devcon with fingers??

    Chuck, the wide brush is working nearly as well as the finger method, plus it keeps my applying hand free for repositioning during application. I still like the finger technique since I can feel the amount I'm applying, then use the brush for touch up around hangers and tight lips. Finished 41 baits by 6:00pm yesterday. Examined many of them this morning. Great coverage and have hardened to where I could handle, but letting them cure another couple of days before starting a new painted batch.
  12. Cracks in Bills

    Vendor says he will send replacements.
  13. Wanting to convert to an underspin. Help needed!

    Great job Apdriver. Do you also have cavities cut into the other half of the mold? And did you do this using a Dremel tool?
  14. Jig Hanging Rack For Curing

    Here's the homemade rack I use. I bought 2 of the galvanized plates used to nail 2x4s together. Drilled holes in them for a couple of small diameter threaded rods. On one plate the rods are secured using hex nuts. One the other plate, wing nuts. I got a sack full of small flat washers from an industrial supply house and put them on the rods, then the free moving plate and wing nuts. I can hang my jigs on the rods using the washers as spacers. Then tighten the wing nuts to hold them tight. I flip the rack over then so my jigs are standing up. This prevents any excess paint from making a cone head.
  15. Do-It Molds WEY375 Wire forms

    In my lure making that is called the Scientific Method!
  16. How do you paint this pattern

    What you said makes sense. The green pattern looked so random I assumed it was some sort of crackle. I used to do an avocado net overlay of my tulle scale netting to get a similar effect. It's been so long since I did it I forgot what it looked like.
  17. Do-It Molds WEY375 Wire forms

    Thanks guys, I ordered the smaller sized spoon forms from Barlows. I use the process of elimination to solve a lot of problems it seems. Lol
  18. Tacky Etex

    It's been years since I used Etex, so I forgot to mention that I would mix it well, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then use a hairdryer on the bottom of the mixing cup to help the bubbles rise to the surface and burst. I'm guessing that the extra time it took to get the bubbles out helped to let the two parts fully mix.
  19. IMG_20180219_072333595.jpg

  20. IMG_20180219_072309848.jpg

    Hand made jerk/glidebait
  21. Baits not smooth

    Were did you read that at. Cfm does ma tter for speed. But Not sure how they can recomend a cfm without a chamber size as well. You do whstever you like but I can degass silicone with a 3 or 6 cfm pump all dqy long.
  22. Tacky Etex

    I agree with above too but even when i used syringes I had problems until I actually timed how long I mixed. I found If I use syringes and mixed at least 5 minutes taking my time and getting it thoroughly mixed it worked fine. Shoot now I mix decoupage(i get the one at home depot or lowes by the gallon) all by weight 1:1 and in large batches sometimes up to 10 oz and never have an issue as long as i mix it good. I do not really use it for lures anymore I use it for making micarta knife handles
  23. How do you paint this pattern

    Do you think its crackle Mark? It very well could be since I have been out of the game for a bit, but all the ways i have tried crackle you get raised edges where it splits but its been awhile since i have tried so maybe there are better ways now. To me it looks like a tan/white base with a messy netting or a multi layer net job like a large hole net with a smaller hole net over the top and your choice green...the blue is probably a simple stencil since it has such sharp edge lines like an exacto cut into plastic. the rest is a basic craw.
  24. Protech Curing

    Well the reason i did a jig with such little paint on it, was more or less to test the toaster oven. To see if the jigs would melt either way and they did. I'm convinced you guys are right and its the toaster oven being too hot. I have a thermometer coming in. Thanks for the info guys. Nice to know this community will be so quick and helpful with a newbie.
  25. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    I reckon, if you can find one, go a baitjunkys twin injector, I have a 6oz and its a solid piece of gear! Only available used...
  26. Exhaust fan over lead pot question

    This is also my spray booth for airbrushing. This is the same size filter that my house furnace uses. I buy them in bulk to work in both. A small filter will collapse with the power of my fan. I wanted more surface area.
  27. Powder painting pearl

    I always base coat in white and go over with pearl, nice deep pearl finish.
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