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  2. Original Blank Seller Seller Sticky

    Also, the original post was old and a lot of the sellers either were no longer selling or had different contact information.
  3. Frog problem

    Sorry I am late responding, even more sorry I am responding. UGGGGGG! You are taking on a big challenge with that type of action to match the River2Sea S-Waver or the Huddle Jack action. It is an action that has taken me years to understand, and predict, depending on the changes to it. I guess, after over 10 years tinkering with the options and applying engineering principles to it, I consider myself to be somewhat of an expert on that type of action, at least for a hobbyist. Mark is correct when he says about the action ..... Vodkaman once drew a diagram of the water flow of what we can best call Hydrodynamic Flutter. You should be able to do a search by hovering over activity at the top right of the screen, then going to search at the bottom of the drop down. He was showing the water that causes the side to side motion of multi joint hard swim baits, but the principle is the same. I will not steal his thunder on that, so either PM him or do the search on it. It is not entirely true that the action is caused by the rigidity of the front of the bait, in fact, I have a soft bait I have been working on that swims the same way and the entire bait is plastisol, definitely not entirely rigid. But, there is a critical point at which the joints must be. Additionally, you will see that the bait swims left to right on the Huddle Jack, or S-Waver, with the profile of the lure with the depth perpendicular to the swim, and the thickness is parallel to the swim. I know, lots of fancy words, hard to explain, and I don't have CAD right now. I guess what I am saying is that to make the frog you made swim, the front of the bait would need to be at a specific length range of the bait, the joint needs to stop the water from flowing through as freely, and .......................... Well, how do I put this, the bait, as shaped, as a frog is shaped, would try to swim up and down while the first joints are trying to swim left and right. Mark is probably right on this one. I don't want you to stop trying to innovate, and the shape and work is nice, very nice, but in this case, the physics are working against you. Additionally, I just don't think I can provide enough information, shy of writing a book on it. LOL Good luck, but the current plan of getting a side to side action with the joint alone will not likely work.
  4. Soft bait for pike?

    Do you upgrade your snap? The stock ones I've used are not strong enough for big fish. I use the 40 lb snaps from LurePartsOnline.
  5. Frog problem

    Let us know how your frog progresses.
  6. Custom Jig mold cost?

    Cool, thank you I appreciate the info!
  7. Yesterday
  8. Frog problem

    Thank you for the input. I've been doing glides and a few other baits for a few years now, but always have trouble with getting the movement I need out of the back joints, whether a frog or a 4 piece fish. Love the process though.
  9. Soft bait for pike?

    A chatter bait with a swim bait as a trailer is Pike candy here in Minnesota. It is definitely my "go to" bait if I am taking someone fishing that wants to catch a Northern. The catch big bass too!
  10. Soft bait for pike?

    In the Midwest where I fish i think the question would be what soft plastics do pike not eat! I get bit off by pike all the time walleye fishing with jig and plastic.
  11. Original Blank Seller Seller Sticky

    no Curt said somehow the original post got lost or deleted
  12. Long time reader and used of this excellent forum. Haven't been on forum for couple of weeks and noticed that the sticky pertaining to people who sell unpainted blanks has been replace by a post that is basically an advertisement for a seller selling a single bait. Am I missing something or can you tell me where the original went? I need that one to get in touch with some of the sellers on that one.
  13. Frog problem

    That's what I found when I tried it on a swimbait, but I've never made a frog like yours (really nice job), so I don't know for sure if that's true with it, too. I just know a tail like that has a more subtle action. If you look at the Huddle Jack in the water, you can see how the tail moves. If it were my bait, the first thing I'd try, before making different pieces, is turning the tail/feet 90 degrees, so they can maybe have a side to side action.
  14. Custom Jig mold cost?

    Yes lots of variables. Mine have run from $120-$300.
  15. Frog problem

    So even on this the body rigidity is what makes the tail go back and forth?
  16. Frog problem

    I found that the Huddlestone tail works because the entire body in front of it was rigid. That tail is not an action tail. It is driven by the water flowing off of the rigid body in front of it. Maybe a swivel attachment of the last segment would enhance any movement, but I think, with your bait's current joint system, some kind of a boot tail would give it more action. Even then, it's hard to imagine what action it would have without testing.
  17. Soft bait for pike?

    Something that just hit my radar is a chatter bait (bladed jig). the flash/thump from the blade and a big soft plastic trailer should be a winner I will give them a try this ice season I think I would use a smelt trailer vs soft plastic. Typically as a pike guy you get use to ignoring bass gear so that is my excuse for coming late to this party.
  18. Fly drying motor

    Fly Tying Dryer
  19. Frog problem

    Hey guys. Happy Thanksgiving. I am looking for some help on my frog. I thought the design of the feet would give me some movement on them- kind of like a huddle jack type bait. I'm getting nothing. Any input? Thank you
  20. Fly drying motor

    This motor is the one I use for fly tying. 5 to 6 RPM is a perfect turning speed with enough torque to turn flies.
  21. Any Blackfriday Mold deals?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any mold makers offering Black Friday deals? I know Enforcer is offering 15% off from 11/24 to 12/1 with code EBM241
  22. Fly drying motor

    Search motor and you will find all sorts of input.
  23. Happy thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the TU family.
  24. image009 1

    That is not mine, I use plaster of Paris, or concreat. And for wire, I use coat hangers.
  25. Custom Jig mold cost?

    Thanks smalljaw I appreciate the info. I’ve been watching a bunch of your tying videos on YouTube you do a really great job.
  26. image009 1

    Nice Mold is that your design? Do you mold in SS wire or sinker eyelets?
  27. Last week
  28. Deer Tails in bulk

    Try posting this question in the Wire Baits Forum. They know a lot about tying materials.
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