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  2. Doug Hannon style guides

    I found a rod that had the eyes after I watched them on "Hunt for Big Fish" by Larry Dahlberg. I got two rods, from Acadamy Sports, equal in every way, except for the eyes. I then tested them on a big field to see how far and accurate they would cast. I found the eyes to be equal in accuracy and cast about 20% further. Now two rods do not a scientific test make, but, if I were to make my own spinning rod, that would be the eyes I would use.
  3. Baits not smooth

    I am so glad that you got what you need. There is a wealth of information on this site. Hover your mouse over ACTIVITY at the top right of the screen, on the drop down menu go to search, click on it and enter your question. Great information from a lot of people. Some of us are new tackle makers, even first timers, and that is OK because they are the future. New people, new ideas. Some of us are experienced hobbyist. From this group I believe you will get a lot of great information, some weird ideas, some unique ideas, some time tested ideas, some new ideas. Those of us in this category are always innovating. Sometimes we get it right, sometimes we don't. Some of us are professionals, either suppliers, manufacturers, or custom makers. From this group you will get ways that work for them, ways that keep their business going. I believe what you will find out is that we don't all agree with each other. Sometimes we even seem to disagree with each other. Don't think of this as right and wrong ideas, consider this as ideas that work for some and not for others. Sometimes we get downright disagreeable with each other. Just remember, we all come from different backgrounds, with different equipment, with different experiences. But that does not mean someone is more or less correct, just that their experience has yielded different results. When someone starts to put someone down, or their ideas down, give them the benefit of the doubt, consider it a bad day. Good luck on your tackle making. It is a fun and rewarding thing to do, or in my case, HOBBY.
  4. Tube tail cutter

  5. What Is It

    You asked "what is it"? I think it was an old awesome idea. I am shocked that it did not catch on. Let us know how it turns out in the end.
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  7. Where to find bandit 100 series crankbaits

    Welcome to the forum, always glad to see new members.
  8. Powder painting pearl

    My white PP accidently was dumped out so this is what I have for now. Allen
  9. Tube tail cutter

    Any of you guys willing to post pics of your diy tube tail cutters? I made one similar to the one sold by lure craft but I need some sort of a press to mount it on. I'd like to see what some of you have come up with. Thanks
  10. Bug profiled soft plastics

    Here is the progress so far. A wire frame, rough sculpey form and after a bit with jewelers files
  11. Laminate color combinations

    Not having the mold or any real experience, but I would have though the bond would be better where the plastic was thinner. Thinking it would be thinner and more likely to re-melt.
  12. Where to find bandit 100 series crankbaits

    New to airbrushing and have learned a lot on this site . Thanks
  13. Where to find bandit 100 series crankbaits

    Looking for the same but in the 300 series.
  14. How do you paint this pattern

    Good luck finding the stuff! After a LOT of searching I found it at Hobby Lobby. Is was a roll of "Tulle" . Here is how it's done
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  16. Baits not smooth

    It’s all good as long as we all get the info we need
  17. Poison Swingtail Jig

    I think the big advantage is being able to add virtually any hook and it can be used to swim a bait with extra action.
  18. Protech Curing

    Not the jigs themselves. The paint.
  19. Baits not smooth

    Thanks guys. I think I will go with a 6CFM pump as recommended by you guys and I will get a chamber that is three times the size of my biggest possible silicon batch. Really appreciate the insight. For now my molds pour very nice once warmed up but I will eventually replace them with degassed ones starting with a couple this Spring. I appreciate your help greatly. Hioefully Juan got something out of this as I ended up hijacking his thread. Sorry.
  20. Protech Curing

    If the jigs are melting your oven is way too hot.
  21. Color dispersion question

    Update...this solved the issue, thanks!
  22. How do you paint this pattern

    Its a lace fabric. multiple layers of paint. @mdojet Loves painting with that stuff. Check with him, he is pretty good with it.
  23. Nail Art Powder

    Same chinese plastic body. Different colours, but same "painting" technique: black sprayed base, spray transparent gloss plastidip, 5 min waiting, spread your prefered nail art powder, spray transparent plastidip. You can obtain iridescent colour, holographic and mirror effects. Bye Cami
  24. Poison Swingtail Jig

    It would come through grass or wood cover better then a FB swing head. And it looks cool! It sells quit well with a skirt and sweet beaver rigged on the hook.
  25. What Is It

    I got this lure out of a old tackle box. It is red and White balsa wood 4" long 3/4" wide no markings on it . When open the hooks become weed free and when the fish bites it the upper and lower hook open to catch the fish. I looked every where and cannot find it. I know somewhere out there someone knows. Looks like a summer job to make. Wayne
  26. Baits not smooth

    In my experience your not getting the air out unless you pull vacumm and let it pop on its own. Letting air in doesnt pop the bubbles it only lets them rest back into the material. ONe single time is all that is needed. I have probably degassed at least 500 drums of plastic 1 gallon at a time. Take my advice for what its worth.
  27. How do you paint this pattern

    I saw this bait on Brotherhood of Crankbait painters facebook page. It is a random mesh fabric doubled over itself.
  28. Spro little John DD blanks

    You’re my hero for this. I have a ton of people looking for them and while I’m not A Painter I have been the guy finding blanks, super excited to see how this goes. The deep little John’s and speed trap blanks would be a game changer.
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