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  2. Happy thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the TU family.
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  4. image009 1

    That is not mine, I use plaster of Paris, or concreat. And for wire, I use coat hangers.
  5. Custom Jig mold cost?

    Thanks smalljaw I appreciate the info. I’ve been watching a bunch of your tying videos on YouTube you do a really great job.
  6. image009 1

    Nice Mold is that your design? Do you mold in SS wire or sinker eyelets?
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  8. Deer Tails in bulk

    Try posting this question in the Wire Baits Forum. They know a lot about tying materials.
  9. simple question for zinsser bin users

    Ddl, I'm usually doing several big lures at a time , I wouldn't put bin near my airbrush ! I use an auto type spray gun .
  10. Deer Tails in bulk

    Wapsi or Hareline, if you're looking to buy wholesale quantities.Those are the two main manufacturers we buy from. Hareline has the best quality at the moment.
  11. simple question for zinsser bin users

    i just have a .5mm so i think i will stick to a brush.cheers!
  12. Custom Jig mold cost?

    It will depend on the amount of cavities along with design work. If you have everything worked out design wise for the sizes and hooks you intend to use then it could be just a few hundred dollars. If the machinist has to do a lot of CAD work to make the mold the cost are significantly higher.
  13. Custom Jig mold cost?

    Hi All, Does anyone have an idea the average cost for a custom made jig mold? I would like to have a bullet head jig mold made with a more agressive collar and trailer keeper compared to the Do-It one I have. Thanks for any help in advance.
  14. simple question for zinsser bin users

    Ddl, nozzle on mine is 1.4 mm, I do thin it with de-natured alcohol. Unfortunately I dont measure ratio , just judge viscosity, probably 5 part primer to 1 alcohol. Its still fairly thick ,slightly thinner than single cream ! Basically as thick as you can shoot an even coat with. You don't need an expensive gun either ddl, mine was as cheap as, and not a single problem....glider
  15. 4 x 2 cav 4.5" DO it berry bug molds

    I'll make a offer of $200.00
  16. simple question for zinsser bin users

    hi gliders did you thin it,what's the size of your nozzle?
  17. image009 1

    How much
  18. image009 1

    I may have a extra mold. Let me try it and see how it functions next week. Not going to be cheap though.
  19. Happy thanksgiving

    Right back atcha, Rick......and to all TU members and their families.
  20. image009 1

    I make mine from plaster, or concreat. I want an aluminum mold very bad.
  21. Anyone Developed a Weedless Underspin Yet?

    There is an entirely different approach. Work weekends. Go fishing mid week when the fish are less pressured, and power fish targeting more active fish.
  22. Happy thanksgiving

    I would like to wish everyone and their families a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. I am thankful for the kind spirit and generosities of all the TU members who have taken the time to share their knowledge, experience, and advice. TU will always continue to be #1 because of its great members and administrators. Thank you, Tackle Underground! Going forward, may all your troubles be little ones, and may your fish be trophy worthy! Rick
  23. Deer Tails in bulk

    Looking for sources for bulk purchases of deer tails
  24. Thanksgiving

    Little late for us north of the border lol To those enjoying thanksgiving to the south I hope it’s a good one
  25. Thanksgiving

    Back at ya, and everyone on TU.
  26. Thanksgiving

    You too Mark!
  27. Crankbait Blank Suppliers

    Maybe some day you will give my Hybrid Wiggle Wart a try, that would be nice.
  28. Crankbait Blank Suppliers

    Oh no, Thank you my good neighbor.
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