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  2. Super random!

    Good! Hahaha
  3. All the die cuts I've used from WTP are plenty flexible. The thickness depends on the selected pattern. I like the 84000 and 84064 colors. Weight is almost nothing. I have to use my grain scale to notice the difference.
  4. What to use on last step of painting hard baits

    Super Ron, When I dip wiggle warts, I hang them bill down. Any drip leftover is easier to clean off the bill, and to sand off afterwards, without affecting the bait itself.
  5. Lure turners

    The nice part of a BBQ rotisserie motor kit is that it comes with mounting brackets that can be adapted to make a lure turner, and a spit that gives you a rotating shaft to build on. Plus, they are designed to turn heavier loads (think turkey or beef roast) as long as the loads are pretty well balanced, but they will turn light, unbalanced loads, like a single bait, easily. And they are available at most hardware stores and building centers.
  6. So I picked up a spray can of 3m super 90 , getting it thin and even seems to be a challenge. Though as it set it did seem to smooth out but does anyone brush it out. Also has anyone tried, plain old brush on contact cement.
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  8. Lure turners

    There are a couple threads in the Homebrew Tools section on this subject as well.
  9. Watermelon seed color recipe

    Watermelon 101 from LureWorks would do the trick so you dont have to mix your own. Keep in mind that stick bait is likely loaded with salt so if the baits you plan on shooting are not loaded with salt you get a different look.
  10. Best wood for neutral buoyancy

    Great info here and like everyone has said everything we have done makes us who we are. So we all have a slightly different outlook on things. I think we are all saying the same basic concept but different ways. Like I said weight and weight placement is key for ME. With a lighter lure you have more options to control variables than you do with a heavy lure. Also, You can always add ballast in strategic areas to control action but with a denser/heavier wood you do not have this option except to drill and plug with air pockets or buoyant material which brings in new issues. So back to the key concept I think...Action! What do we mean by action? A desired reaction to the inputs we place in a bait? A denser wood cannot have as much action as a lighter wood. Place 2 cranks exactly the same dimensions and the lighter one will have more movement because the forces exerted on it effect it more. Now is it the movement or action we want? Probably not! A denser wood will have a different action than a lighter wood with ballast added to be the exact same weight because we can manipulate those variables. So same cranks but we add ballast and I guarantee the lighter one with ballast added to control the action will be more favorable. Can we add too much ballast of course! But to have that option IMHO is better than not. I have never run out of room for ballast but i have made baits out of oak, black cherry, almond blah blah blah that just did not perform as well as woods like bass wood, yellow cedar or even poplar. Again these are my views and opinions only copyright infringement does apply!
  11. Spinnerbaits in Saltwater

    I have used "off the shelf" inlines from Walmart many times in the salt water. Bluefish mainly, but hopes of Flounder going after them also. Only thing I will say to do, if you want to get some miles out of them, when done for the day, soak them in a container of good soapy water, then rinse well, or they will rust out.
  12. spinnerbait blades

    Barlow's sells Worth blades.
  13. Spinnerbaits in Saltwater

    Oh yeah I have but with a different fish, the spotted bay bass ive used regular spinnerbaits on them and the worked great, I imagin trout and redfish like to chase just make the correct adjustments to the size of the fish, try all chartreuse or white and chartreuse . Those fish are not shy I believe so try loud colors good luck and I hope I helped some
  14. Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    I have read several horror stories about molds not showing up, no answers to emails, etc I myself have never had that problem so I continue to order from Bob. I know him and Betty have had health problems and other problems on top of that. How he runs his business is none of my business, I guess I have just not been done wrong by him and until I do I will continue to buy from him.
  15. Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    Sounds like the problem is just getting it into the box to ship it out unless everything is made to order... Which I hope not.
  16. Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    I received shipping confirmation on the 6th Mold on the 8th
  17. SF true smelt

    nope i dont have one
  18. Watermelon seed color recipe

    Looks really close to Do-It's X2 watermelon color.
  19. SF true smelt

    Do you have a website?
  20. Tackle Show Opinions

    There is a boating and fishing show in my area every winter. Used to be a lot of booths selling custom lures and plastics 10-15 years ago. Lately, only the mid to large scale lure builders and boat dealers can afford to rent space. I quit going because I can see their stuff online and don’t want to pay $6 for parking and the $8 entrance fee just to walk around.
  21. Do You Save $$$ Making Your Own jigs ? (Video)

    All depends on what you use? For me making jigs and shakeyheads is cost effective. Allen
  22. Lure turners

    Btw, I see synchronous 120V low rpm motors for sale at for less than $10. I used 3 pieces of shelving wood for the basic stand, a piece of 1/2” dowel for the axle, 3 short pieces of 1/8” dowel glued into the drilled axle for the arms, and 6 alligator clips. Total cost was maybe $15.
  23. Lure turners

    I don’t recall seeing one for sale. They are easy to make with a slow rpm A/c motor and whatever contraption you bang together for the size of lures you make. Mine runs on a synchronous 4 rpm motor I found online 15 yrs ago for $7. Barbecue rotisserie motors are popular. Microwave turntable motors, etc.
  24. Lure turners

    I bought mine from lure parts online it’s made by flexcoat.
  25. Aluminum injection mold laminates?

    Ok one thing to shoot a two color bait if using a twin injector the belly needs to be on one plate and the top on the other . I shoot a 14 cavity mold in baby shad and get great baits. The temp has to be around 300f when u are shooting or they will swirl or mix. If your mold has one side on one plate and the other side on the other plate i will say it will more than likely shoot one side one color and the other side the other color. the injector might can be turned to where it would shoot top and bottom but on my mold if u turn it it will shoot one side of baits one color and the other side the other color. i do not have a mold like that so i don't know for sure. The lam plates if u have a mold that the sides are in each side it will only shoot the side. i have passed up molds when the belly and top are not on each plate. U can cut the bait in half and shoot the other half if the spur will let u. But shoot as hot as possible so it will bond to the cold plastic might even want to heat the mold so both will stick together.The sand cast molds do not have a smooth finish, they catch fish but i don't like the way they look . The CNC molds spoil u LOL I like the smooth shinny baits. Cub48
  26. Yes^^^^ avoid epoxy when using platinum cures. I carve my musky baits from basswood, coat with crazy glue to lock down the fibers of the wood and spray with krylon crystal clear acrylic spray. I also lay a real thin coat of silicon on my master, wait 5-10 minutes and then slowly pour the rest into the corner of the Mold from a high height which reduces bubbles in the Mold and on the surface of your bait.
  27. SB paint cleanup?

    Ok. I did not know that about lawyer thinner. Thanks.
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