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  2. Custom Jig mold cost?

    Yes lots of variables. Mine have run from $120-$300.
  3. Frog problem

    So even on this the body rigidity is what makes the tail go back and forth?
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  5. Frog problem

    I found that the Huddlestone tail works because the entire body in front of it was rigid. That tail is not an action tail. It is driven by the water flowing off of the rigid body in front of it. Maybe a swivel attachment of the last segment would enhance any movement, but I think, with your bait's current joint system, some kind of a boot tail would give it more action. Even then, it's hard to imagine what action it would have without testing.
  6. Soft bait for pike?

    Something that just hit my radar is a chatter bait (bladed jig). the flash/thump from the blade and a big soft plastic trailer should be a winner I will give them a try this ice season I think I would use a smelt trailer vs soft plastic. Typically as a pike guy you get use to ignoring bass gear so that is my excuse for coming late to this party.
  7. Fly drying motor

    Fly Tying Dryer
  8. Frog problem

    Hey guys. Happy Thanksgiving. I am looking for some help on my frog. I thought the design of the feet would give me some movement on them- kind of like a huddle jack type bait. I'm getting nothing. Any input? Thank you
  9. Fly drying motor

    This motor is the one I use for fly tying. 5 to 6 RPM is a perfect turning speed with enough torque to turn flies.
  10. Any Blackfriday Mold deals?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any mold makers offering Black Friday deals? I know Enforcer is offering 15% off from 11/24 to 12/1 with code EBM241
  11. Fly drying motor

    Search motor and you will find all sorts of input.
  12. Happy thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all the TU family.
  13. image009 1

    That is not mine, I use plaster of Paris, or concreat. And for wire, I use coat hangers.
  14. Custom Jig mold cost?

    Thanks smalljaw I appreciate the info. I’ve been watching a bunch of your tying videos on YouTube you do a really great job.
  15. image009 1

    Nice Mold is that your design? Do you mold in SS wire or sinker eyelets?
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  17. Deer Tails in bulk

    Try posting this question in the Wire Baits Forum. They know a lot about tying materials.
  18. simple question for zinsser bin users

    Ddl, I'm usually doing several big lures at a time , I wouldn't put bin near my airbrush ! I use an auto type spray gun .
  19. Deer Tails in bulk

    Wapsi or Hareline, if you're looking to buy wholesale quantities.Those are the two main manufacturers we buy from. Hareline has the best quality at the moment.
  20. simple question for zinsser bin users

    i just have a .5mm so i think i will stick to a brush.cheers!
  21. Custom Jig mold cost?

    It will depend on the amount of cavities along with design work. If you have everything worked out design wise for the sizes and hooks you intend to use then it could be just a few hundred dollars. If the machinist has to do a lot of CAD work to make the mold the cost are significantly higher.
  22. Custom Jig mold cost?

    Hi All, Does anyone have an idea the average cost for a custom made jig mold? I would like to have a bullet head jig mold made with a more agressive collar and trailer keeper compared to the Do-It one I have. Thanks for any help in advance.
  23. simple question for zinsser bin users

    Ddl, nozzle on mine is 1.4 mm, I do thin it with de-natured alcohol. Unfortunately I dont measure ratio , just judge viscosity, probably 5 part primer to 1 alcohol. Its still fairly thick ,slightly thinner than single cream ! Basically as thick as you can shoot an even coat with. You don't need an expensive gun either ddl, mine was as cheap as, and not a single problem....glider
  24. 4 x 2 cav 4.5" DO it berry bug molds

    I'll make a offer of $200.00
  25. simple question for zinsser bin users

    hi gliders did you thin it,what's the size of your nozzle?
  26. image009 1

    How much
  27. image009 1

    I may have a extra mold. Let me try it and see how it functions next week. Not going to be cheap though.
  28. Happy thanksgiving

    Right back atcha, Rick......and to all TU members and their families.
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