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  2. Hand crafted frogs

    I am going to venture some educated guesses on this one. At the very least, my thoughts might spark some memories or thoughts from others. 1) The hooks seem fairly modern, like within the last 20 years. They are not held on by split rings, so it means it is hard to change out hooks. This suggest it is fairly new. 2) The popper has a belly ballast weight, but it was crudely finished. This suggest either old or hobbyist. 3) The paint was hand done, with brush marks showing in the paint. This suggest hobbyist or old. 4) All of the old paint jobs I have seen, even the never used lures, seem to dull with age. These lures seems very bright, very clean, almost too bright. This suggest they are fairly new. 5) When I zoom in the BB7 looks like it was done with a brush, but the BB9 looks like it was done with a sharpie. This again suggest a hobbyist. If they were the same, I would think they could have been done later by someone else, but I think that it was just done at different times by perhaps the same person. My guess, somewhat educated guess, is that it they are 10 to 30 year old hobbyist creations, never used. The popper would surely catch fish today. The other one may not swim at all, and with the line tie in that top head location, I am sure that is what was intended. I suspect that the markings BB7 and BB9 are lost with the Hobbyist who made them. I don't know if this helps or not, but maybe it will spark some conversation about the observations.
  3. Thinning epoxy

    I always add some denatured alcohol to the epoxy. Really helps thinning it a bit and helping it flow. Cleans up the brush too. You have to experiment a bit on how much to use. A little goes a long way.
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  5. Thinning epoxy

    Yes, have done it. I prefer 100% so there is not water in it like rubbing alcohol. Etex is thinner so it deposits less. Dick Nites and KBS are thinner so perhaps..........
  6. Blending powder paints question

    I got two pinks. Both I make by mixing red and white powder paint. One was 50/50 red and white. Came out dark pink. The other was like 1 part red to 5 parts white. Came out much lighter pink. Sometimes when mixing two or more paints you can get dots of the colors. To me it adds a little something to the color.
  7. Plastic oil removal

    I will look for it. Is there a brand name?
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  9. Blending powder paints question

    You can make white?
  10. Resin microsphere ratio

    Resins are heavy, generally with a specific gravity (SG) of 1.2 whereas water has an SG of 1.0. Therefore resin is 20% heavier than water, and as you discovered, it sinks fast. Check the information on your particular resin product. You will need to experiment with ratios to find what works for you. If you add 30% spheres (by weight), this will reduce your SG to around 0.9 which should float. But, you still have to incorporate you hardware and top coat, which will increase the total SG of the lure. The big problem is that; the more spheres you add, the thicker the mix will become. There will come a number were the mix will not pour. The most that I mixed in was 45%, this reduced the resin mix to an SG of 0.68. This mix had the consistency of thick mustard, and obviously it was not pour-able. I solved this by injecting the paste with a cake icing syringe. If the pour-able ratios don't work out for you, and you decide to try the syringe method, message me first and I will go into more detail. The heavy expanding foams (as suggested above) are a lighter solution, but they come with their own set of problems. It is just a learning curve. Dave
  11. Blending powder paints question

    I mix it often to get custom colors. All you need is red, yellow, and blue you can make most anything.
  12. KBS Brushing Question

    I have sprayed the KBS for my larger Baits--- Works Nice--have to keep the tip clean and clear between sprayings... I have dipped smaller bass size baits also... I either use a bait turning wheel if I dip a bunch---but for dipping just 1 or 2 baits--I just hang them and flip flop front to back a few times---The KBS sets up fast and say in 10 minutes or so it will not run so you can just let them hang until completely dry.... I really like the KBS for baits that you don't want t use the thick epoxy on.
  13. Swimbait mold

    If you don't mind open pour silicone molds, take a look at lurecraft.
  14. most chromed alu tape

    guys unfortunately the only one i have seen at homehardware,homedepot were really not that chromed and there was some kind of subtle lines ,there was one that was super nice but it was printed tuck tape all over the tape.from your experience what brand is the most chromed? tks!
  15. Bread Box Fly Tying Bench -homemade

    Great project. If I ever see a breadbox, I'm snatching it...+
  16. Thinning epoxy

    Has anyone tried thinning down 30 minute epoxy wth denatured alcohol? I am getting great finishes with 30 minute epoxy - hard, clear and durable, however a little thick for some baits. I’ve done some Predator Baits DT-6s and they wind up being almost neutrally bouyant. Also a couple of the Predator Baits 3 inch poppers - they float but are little sluggish as in maybe too low in the water. On the bright side, a Predator Bait S-KO runs great and caught a almost six pound bass yesterday.
  17. Fly drying motor

    I used to do the same as geo. I buy them now because I use them for plugs, and the salvaged ones keep wearing out on me. The TYC ones I use now have metal innards instead of vinyl.
  18. Duck season

    Jonnister, I didn't forget about you sir. I am going to get a few hooks tomorrow and try this thing. Stay tuned!
  19. Resin microsphere ratio

    Actually this is my first attempt at casting hard baits from resin I made one so far and it sinks like a stone.From what I seen on make lure it seems like thirty percent spheres would be a good start. I was hoping some of the experts would give a starting point so I am not waisting that much resin.
  20. Looking for info on 7" tube baits

    Made these with that .stl file i gave you the other day. Still could be thinner, probably too fat. I getting better at dipping, though.
  21. Resin microsphere ratio

    have you tried 26lb smooth on. its a heavier urethane?
  22. Resin microsphere ratio

    does anyone have a good ratio for casting glide baits ? I am using amazing casting resin and am trying to copy a small phantom softail . I also wonder if I can get this lure to work without adding weight. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.
  23. Plastic oil removal

    Dear Jack, you could try with MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone), it dries poured plastisol. It's a little bit "toxic" ... pay attention. Bye. Cami
  24. New to all this

    Thanks still really new at this
  25. Reverse Engineered

    If I blow on these things from the front or side, they spin like you'd expect. Put them in the water, and they want to hydroplane. Lots of wiggling going on, not much spinning. Has to be due to the water being so much denser than air. Rotation is being suppressed, and I'm getting lift, instead. The one with the weight on the rear was heavier, and only a little better. I wonder if this thing was supposed to be fished as just a spinner, with the real bait on the terminal end? By the way, found the lure. It's for sale on Etsy. It's called a McHarg Special Design. lure&ref=sr_gallery-1-34
  26. Envirotex lite 30 min epoxy mixing

    Damned Apple autocorrect! Lebanon should have been “Lexan”.
  27. Reverse Engineered

    New prototype. Still need to go test. I'm making them out of soda cans. Too thin, and deforming when I cast them, so I made this one double and folded the edges of one over the other. Good enough for quick testing.
  28. Reverse Engineered

    Arrrg! I didn't think to try to find out! It was just a random picture I found and liked. Now you're gonna make me have to try and find it again!
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